Severe weather check-in: July 2019

Saw this on the Weather Channel, and I thought about all our folks along the coast and in Texas and Louisana …

A disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico will eventually strengthen into Tropical Storm Barry in the next day or two, then head toward the Gulf Coast this weekend bringing a threat of significant rainfall flooding, storm surge flooding and high winds to parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and east Texas.


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  • Deborah Bartlett

    I have to make a comment in reference to our friend Shea. Shea loves her coffee. I read earlier that she is reading about how to make coffee in a difficult situation. I have to hand it to Shea. She does think ahead. Love you, Shea!!! 💞💞💞☕💞💞💞

  • Deborah Bartlett

    I am sure to refill and pick up my prescriptions. I always have my cell phone charged. I have fresh batteries for my flashlights and lanterns, which are brought out in plain sight and tested. Non perishable food is important. Canned veggies, fruits, tuna, chicken and ham are good to have on hand. Sandwich crackers, peanut or nut butters, jelly…even pouches of dried or freeze dried fruit are convenient. Plenty of drinking water should ALWAYS be available for you!!! Stock up all year round. Find and wash extra blankets. Fill your vehicles with gas .Fill your gas cans if you gave a gas-powered generator. If you are lucky enough to have a whole-house generator, then I envy you!!! Have it checked to be sure it us in working order. Have a copy of your medications list with you in case of emergency. Also, a list of  your medical problems should be available in case needed. Buy some disposable silverware, cups, plates, bowls at the dollar store. Don't forget the tissues, napkins, paper towels and toilet tissue. Get some hand sanitizer and wipes if you use those. Now is the time to purchase a portable/travel nebulizer if you need one. If you have a portable radio, dig that out of the bottom of the closet! And….don't forget to keep us posted so we can keep tabs on you!!! 💕

  • K8sMom2002

    Deborah, all good ideas! 

    One thing I do prior to any bad weather where power outages may be an issue: I do a thorough mopping and cleaning … and I make sure I take off the trash. We live in the country, and we don't have curbside trash pickup service. 

    When the power is out, we can generate a lot of trash in a hurry — paper plates, napkins, cups, etc. And ice in coolers = drippy puddles everywhere, no matter how careful we are. Starting off with as clean a house as possible has served me well!

  • Marie E Natzke

    I just heard tonight that the coast is under hurricane watch. I was hoping we would have a quiet summer after the wild spring everyone had. 

    it's 8:30 and it's 91 degrees out still we've had a very warm humid weather last week had a break and now it's back again. We are also getting smoke again from the Canadian wildfires. These sudden weather temp changes is making it hard to breathe.


    stay safe everyone!!

  • K8sMom2002

    Marie, I hear you on the heat and the humidity! How are you handling the smoke from the wildfires? AAFA has some great resources on .

    Em, that is a very dramatic and strangely beautiful photo! Do stay safe!

  • Shea

    Woah, Em, what a cool and ominous picture! Perfectly captures the awe and beauty of a storm but also the scariness.

    And what is more scary than having your power knocked out with no way to brew coffee! In Florida, they want us to prepare for up to 2 weeks without power. We should have a gallon of water per person per day, so that is 14 gallons of water PER PERSON. And some of that water is for coffee….

    I recently purchased a small camping stove and this Stanley Cook and Bew Set: 

    The camping stove I purchased is: 

    I figured I can use them camping as well. I already have a backup battery pack that is rechargeable and can be plugged into outlet OR solar panel, and that can charge a few appliances as well… Like an electric burner.. But I wanted sonething that didnt require any electricity that could boil water, heat food, and… Yes… Brew coffee. I also bought those little creamer packs you get a restaurants that stay good for a long time and don't require a fridge. 

    A small note on whatever you put in your supply for food– make sure you try the food in an non-emergency situation first because if you never eat dried fruit and you eat in in emergency well.. A lit of people with asthma react yo sulfites and dried fruit is very high in sulfites. I had an anaphlactic-like reaction to dried fruit after being diagnosed with asthma. You dont want that during a storm! If you know how the foods affect you beforehand you will be more comfortable later on and safer… Especially with foods that might have more preservatives or sulfites or nitrates in them. 

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Exactly, Shea. Just like listing nuts as a non-perishable food item. Some folks cannot have nuts. Obviously, you would bring foods with you that YOU can consume safely. If you must evacuate, try to find out in advance where the nearest hospital is. 

    Also…try to have 2 manual can openers, in case one breaks. Some cans have pop-tops, some don't. 

  • Marie E Natzke

    SoSo this past winter we had north pole weather….now we're having

    HEDOUBLEHOCKEYSTICKS WEATHER…Air has been heavy last couple of days..was supposed to be over 90 today but the clouds and rain leftover from the hurricane has kept the temperature down but very humid. 

    so what happens when we have extreme heat like this due to all the

    concrete we have it holds the heat and we do not cool down at night. Which in turn will make it hotter for the next day and so on..They say there might be power outages. Ugh!!!!! I don't know what's worse heat or cold!!

    Hope everyone is ok from the hurricane and everyone under this heat warning stay safe….and hydrated 

  • Melissa G

    Uughh, Marie! I hope you stay safe in this heat. 

    The remnants of Hurricane Barry will be hitting Ohio, Bekah and I leave for home in the morning. Will be a long car ride in the nasty rain. 

  • LK

    Hope everyone is staying well in this weather!  We have been under an Excessive Heat Warning since Wednesday and it continues through at least tomorrow.  The nights are not cooling off at all.  The National Weather Service shows that our 2AM Heat Index Values were still between 85 – 90 degrees.  Whew, that just makes the next day even hotter. 

    A large swath of the country is getting the same weather - 


    From our local National Weather Service posts speaking about the overnight hours when it is still so hot outside - 

    "These are the hours when the body is supposed to recover from the extreme daytime heat. However, those most sensitive may still find it difficult given how warm the overnight conditions are. Be sure to check on the elderly, young, & those with breathing issues."

    Glad they include those of us with breathing issues.

    Hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated! 

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Thanks very much for your post, Lisa! It will be a tough weekend here. The real feel is supposed to be 110 degrees. By using our common sense, we will all do well. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Hugs, Lisa and Deb! Down here in Georgia, it's been hot, too. I hope the weather breaks for you guys soon — but without any severe weather, please!

    And I'm glad the National Weather Service remembered those with breathing issues, too — NWS!

  • Marie E Natzke

    Hi Melissa G and everyone!! Oh my word you can fry an egg outside…yesterday we had about 4 inches of rain so the storm and the clouds kept it from getting to hot. But today this morning when I got up at 3 am it was already 83 out humidity was over 70%.  and it's just gotten hotter as the day went on. Tomorrow is the same with storms in the afternoon and then it's to cool down. We haven't had this kind of heat in 7 years. We have a few 90 degree days but this is extreme. One summer we had over 40 days of heat like this…hang in there everyone.


    Shea the "Chance the Snapper" aka the crocodile was caught the other day. The guy they brought in from FLorida knew his stuff. He caught it that night. He brought it to Florida to live in a crock farm…


  • Melissa G

    So thankful to have air conditioning! It is soo hot and humid outside. Stay safe and cool everyone.

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Hello folks! Almost 5:30 pm. The real feel is 105 degrees. It has been brutal. Woke up at 2:30 am, wheezing and a bit short of breath. Sat up and used my ProAir. We only have 1 air conditioner in the bedroom. It is tough when we have a severe heat wave. Doing my best to get through. Hoping that tomorrow it cools down to….80°. 🌞 🔥

  • LK

    We had storms roll through early this morning and got 2 1/5 inches of rain.  Was still hot today and more heavy rain is expected this evening but it is supposed to cool off in the low 80s and be sunny for at least the first part of the week.

  • Shea

    Marie, 😄 on the croc— I KNEW he'd end up in Florida! And yes those Florida gator catchers know their stuff!

    Debbie– yikes on the heat wave and only one air conditioner in the bedroom! There have been lits of scary stories in the news about heat waves and how heat can be deadly, so be careful!!! I know replenishing electrolytes is an important thing that id often overlooked. 

    Lisa, I hope that rain clears up and brings cooler weather.

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Good morning Shea! I was up a few times during the night coughing my head off. No shortness of breath, thank goodness. We may get some rain today. Tomorrow, the forecast says possible flooding. Good thing I cut the grass yesterday. 

    Wednesday I have my eye exam at 10:45 am. I hope I am not sick!! The women in that office wear alot of perfume, so I am wearing my mask until I have to remove it. 

  • StephM

    Our weather finally cooled off last night– took one dog for a walk to the corner this morning, the furthest I'd gone since Friday. (It's not very far.)  Felt ok, which was a nice surprise.  Hoping I will be able to back off the med with better weather.  Speaking of which– does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with the gross taste/dry mouth effects of duonebs?  Will ask at PCP, of course, but not sure if they are getting me in today yet.

    This weather + illness has made for a hard time for people with breathing issues. 

    Glad the gator made to a… more appropriate location.

    Hope everyone gets good amounts of raining and cooling weather, rather than flooding and storms!

  • Pljohns

    Stephm-I haven't found anything that cuts the taste-the drymouth-yes, sugar free life savers or hard candy seems to work OK for me. Please let us know any suggestions you get-there are a bunch of us here on duonebs.

  • LK

    Steph,  I haven't found anything that helps with the taste either.  I use Biotene Dry Mouth toothpaste which helps.

    I also use Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Balance Gel for the dry mouth.  If I use it once or twice during the day it seems to help throughout the night as well.  You put about 1/2 inch length of it on your tongue and spread it thoroughly inside your mouth.  It says you can swallow it, but I prefer to spit it out.  It really does help keep my mouth moister.

  • K8sMom2002

    Steph, glad things have cooled off! Bummer on the after taste and dry mouth … I'm going to make a new topic on your question, in the hopes that folks who are not following this thread will chime in. You've gotten great advice from Lynn and Lisa!

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Yikes!!! 😱 I got a flash flood warning on my phone half hour ago. It is pitch black at 5:30. It just started pouring out there. DH will not have a good drive home from New York. Terrible weather we've been having. Stay safe everyone!!!

  • Marie E Natzke

    K8SMOM2002 the air has cleared from the wildfires I hope they will not have a bad fire season this year, they all need a break.

    Shea, StephM, LK   yes the last I heard Chance the Snapper is adjusting to his new home in Florida. Unless someone fesses up or someone turns them in I don't think they'll find out who put the gator in the lagoon. They are lucky it didn't go after somone.🐊🐊

  • Shea

    Debbie, yikes on the flash flood warning! Ive never had one of those. Please stay safe, and tell your DH to be extra careful driving!!! 

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Thanks Shea! I had gotten another flash flood warning an hour later. Took DH a long time to drive home. Said he saw a 5-car accident. When he was getting off the exit ramp to come home, the Post Road was a lake. It was never like that. His van got through. Our driveway, around the bend was a lake. Many times when we have flooding, I can hear air raid sirens and firemen on bullhorns telling people bear the beach to evacuate. We are due for more rain today.