Searching for Natural Asthma Aids

You should always consult your physician before starting or stopping any medication, diet or remedy. The following is my personal investigation of sorts into asthma and allergy symptom reduction using non-pharmaceutical approaches. I have "maxed out" on meds to a certain degree and after this last prednisone round I was left feeling utterly defeated and sad. My husband got my back up with my fighting gloves on and reminded me I have to keep trying, I can't give up. 

I am a vegetarian and have been  about two and a half years. I am now cutting out the bad stuff, I call it, white sugar, white flour and dairy. Actually I am trying gluten free. My commitment is to 30 days. No pickled foods, sulfites, wine, etc. believe it or not the "can have" list is much longer! Basically I am eating more natural and unprocessed food and drinking coconut and aloe water in addition to green teas and coffee. Not sure coffee will stay. In the last 48 hours my symptoms have been less.

I also bought lavender oil and used it when getting in my car (usually triggers me). It helped today when I tried it, we shall see….

If nothing else this diet will help me shed some of the pounds I have put on and is healthier than the dairy and sugar I was eating. My husbands dad had prostate cancer and we know dairy is directly linked to increasing that risk so it's good to move away. 

I also saw the holistic guy chiro, acupuncturist today. To my dismay he is not a TCM herbalist but works with a couple companies he trusts and has been with for many years that provide supplements and herbs. Standard Process is one, Congaplex 2925. Also Antronex 1100. Those are to boost my health, lots of animal stuff, yuck.  Second are two he recommends in the event there is biofilm or parasitic infection, made by Pure Trim. They are CLEAR and EXPERIENCE. Kinda funny. Anyway, I will return Wednesday to start acupuncture. Yes, my doctor has been made aware of all this. So, in addition to my regular meds I will start these. I also have a few other OTC supplements I am on I may list later. My goal is symptom improvement and to get off prednisone for more than three months at a time. Wish me luck or say a prayer!

if you have had luck with things along this line please share with me. We are all so different but can each find our own best. Just like the controller meds, one doesn't fix all, so share what has helped you. Thanks. 


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  • Jen


    Thanks for sharing your experience, as well as the disclaimer to check with your doctor about any new treatments.  Keep us posted on how things go for you.

  • K8sMom2002

    Gigi, that sounds very ambitious! But I think your move to more natural, less processed foods has great timing — it's spring, with a lot of local veggies about to be available. 

    One thing I might suggest — I might try a more experimental approach so that you can figure out EXACTLY what is helping. Rather than change everything at once, do it stepwise, so that you can say, "Yep, this helped," or "Nope, didn't help." 

    But I also realize that some things work better with other things. Glad you are running this by your doctor and he's working with you on this, and I'm hoping to hear great things. 

  • GigiGibson

    So today I've been sniffing my lavender oil. Had my regular maintenance drugs and duoneb at 6 and noon but no proair. Wow. I have these days every few months usually. Hope it lasts, smiley outside so leaving will be a challenge. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Took me a minute to figure out that DC meant a chiropractor … I'm really glad the day is being good to you and you have not had to use the proair!

  • Mandy

    Right on Gigi! Glad you are having a good day. Listen to your body. I know what it's like to want to try it all at once…I have done both the wait and see and the all together approach. And at the end of it all, sometimes a combo has worked best for me. But we are all unique and respond differently I am going to cut out eggs as my next dietary attempt. They are an inflammatory food apparently. So I might as well give it a go. I am gluten, dairy, and coffee free at this point. What's one more thing?! I have been gluten and dairy free for 2 years and I can honestly say the dairy has made a big difference. It really does increase mucous production for me.

  • K8sMom2002

    Mandy, I hear you on listening to your body … how long did it take you to notice a difference when cutting out dairy? Do you still eat "baked milk" in breads and other dishes?

  • Mandy

    I noticed within a couple of weeks. I still occasionally have baked milk/casein. I'm not sure if it impacts as much in smaller quantities. But I try my best. It's hard to restrict when I go out. I love the look I get when I say I don't eat gluten or dairy  

  • Serene

    I have tried many natural asthma and allergy aids. I am not a doctor, but have difficulty with many regular medications, so I've quite honestly tried many things not on the usual RX list. For obvious reasons these things aren't substitutions for doctors advice so when in doubt see a doctor. (obligatory Dislclaimer)

    A few things I think help me:

    1. There is evidence that Vitamin c has natural antihistamine properties. I've increased my dose on this.

    2. Vitamin D. I did notice an improvement with my symptoms after my  low vitamin D was diagnosed. I find I do best on plant based D. Most d is made from lanolin, and I think that is problematic for me. I buy a vegan one from Whole foods. It is drops, but I find I can tolerate it more.

    On the herbal side:

    1. Thyme is a natural bronchodilator. I have found sometimes thyme in hot water drank can be helpful.

    2. Mullein tea. tea made from this herb can help improve breathing. Finding good mullein is difficult. The last kind I bought was sort of weak.

    3. A lot of people swear by Quercetin/Bromelain. I've been taking it, but the jury is still out.


    I get a lot of release from stress via massage, and when I can't I use a wand one on the back helps relieve tensions that contribute to stress. Since my primary symtpom is tightness, I do find massage can help with this.

    4. Self hypnosis.

    I've tried many more things… But not everything is effective I'm afraid.






  • K8sMom2002

    Serene, I think that's why it's so important to work with your doctor, because many of these approaches aren't standard at all, and can work in wildly different ways. 

    Mandy, you can't get any weirder look on your GF/DF requests than we do when we tell our servers that DD can't have corn … and then hand them a lonnnng list of all the names corn can hide under. We've actually had restaurants tell us they can't accommodate her. 

    Has anyone tried a massage chair pad? I remember many, many years ago, during a time I was receiving massage therapy during physical therapy, I tried a massage chair sold at Bed Bath and Beyond … It came really close to the real thing! Of course, it was a big chair (looked like a club chair, if you know what I mean) and I didn't want to spend that amount of money or have that style of a chair in my living room. 

    But I've often wondered if a massage chair pad might be a good compromise. It would help, I think, folks who have stress as a trigger for their asthma. 

  • Serene

    The challenge I find with massaging devices mats and rubbers , is I don't like the ones that simply vibrate. They aren't relaxing they just vibrate. I like the ones that have the handle that I can really dig into the back area like the one in the picture. I did buy a big vibrating mat one, that heated up and vibrated. But it didn't really do much for me.

    This picture is sort of like the one I have:

    TENS can also be helpful. A physical therapist can recommend a good unit. It is especially important with tens to avoid the chest front because they aren't good for the heart area, but they are generally okay on the back with a doctor's approval.

    I've also tried neck massagers with the balls, and that can relax the shoulder area… But also can irritate. Its sort of one of those things where each person is different and some people may find relief, others might cause themself some problem.


  • GigiGibson

    I have a chair massager with heat. It will do circles or up and down, u can zone in and speed up, it's awesome. Homedics at bed bath and beyond like $100.  I used to have horrible back issues. 

  • Jen

    Gigi – We looked at that one around the holidays.  DD3 is always begging for someone to give her a backrub, so we were going to get her that for Christmas.  We ended up getting her some low tech massagers instead.

  • GigiGibson

    Well I can honestly say the cravings are dying. I honestly was not hungry once today and I've been a ravenous alley cat for a few months lol. I made myself eat some of my oats in coconut milk and a few berries at 11. Then I made myself eat some of my soup at lunch at 1. I ate too much soup at supper now I'm so dang full. Omg. I have to listen to my body, I've over eaten so long now it's a problem I guess. I guess I'll reduce my serving sizes and see if that helps. I was afraid to go more than 16 hours without eating cause that probably hasn't happened in months. Like since the hospital in September. Well, it was a good day whatever the reason I am thankful and grateful and enjoyed the break. I just hurt for Emerson and the family. Our local news reported a disturbing number of flu deaths in the last week. It's bad. I am masking in the stores and can't wait to get my four new masks in! I'll take some funny photos and post when I get them. Trader Joe's had my aloe water, coconut water and lacitino kale today so I have my favorite salad and drinks ready for tomorrow. Missing my wine in the evening was an issue for about 24 hours, now I'm so psyched I don't care. My doctor got back to me today and ordered more taper. Down to 15 tomorrow. Then I'll go 2.5 down at a time. He is soliciting for a good endocrinologist for me from friends. He feels I should have one to fall on in these crises and I agree. 

    I hope everyone has a good night and a great friday. 

  • GigiGibson

    @Serene thanks for sharing. My doctor put me on vitamin D too and said he is fine with me on vitamin C. I take Esther C1000. 

    I see where massage could be a good compliment to this as in my research meditation or some form of focused relaxation was always listed as a must. 

    Have you any knowledge of the negative ion issues I heard mention of? A guy I listened to likened a mountain range to hundreds of thousands and a room to like 500. I don't know what that means but he said it's the actual energy of fresh air. There are machines to assist with this. I guess that's my next research project. I can't tolerate hot humid weather so if I have to hibernate I want good air. 

  • Serene

    I haven't heard about the negative ion thing. I do know that ionizers aren't recommended for asthmatics as they can exacerbate symptoms and they were commonly used in many air filters to purify air. I think the ozone exuded is a lung irritant. Not sure if that is the same hing though.

    That's good about the D and C. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Gigi, I think it's awesome that your doc has reached out for an endocrinologist for you! 

    I don't know about the ion business except that, like Serene mentioned above, air "filtration" systems that are ozone generators and use ion charges are NOT recommended for people with asthma. 

    The EPA has this  and says this about ozone generators:

    Sold as air cleaners, they are not always safe and effective in removing pollutants. By design, they produce ozone, a lung irritant.

    I remember back in the 90s when those "ionizers" first came out and were sold in something similar to a pyramid scheme … people would have them in their businesses, and it was REALLY hard for me to breathe. At the time, they would say, "I don't know why you're so bothered … I have this brand new ionizing air filter going."

    Now I know — the ionizer was irritating my lungs and creating an asthma flare. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, and THANK YOU for the review of the HoMedic device — that's about the price point I'm able to spend, and it sounds like it would be just perfect for me.

    And on getting used to your new diet! The first few days of change are always the hardest, aren't they? 

    Stay clear of the flu!

  • GigiGibson

    Yes! They always have 20%coupons too. 

    Feeling great today, maybe too good. I have been waking every few hours to void forever it seems but every couple hours and large amounts this week. Maybe shedding the pred weight?. 

    Anyway I woke at 2:10 and got about 45 more minutes sleep between 4 and 5am. I wasn't tired and irritated just felt good and awake. I feel so much better than I have in over a month. This is where I was in late January. I did have to take my inhaler last night after doing my nebs and twice overnight. I cut out the albuterol this morning since that was the trigger yesterday and no problems this morning. Don't think I'm defying orders, I've been told to do ipratropium when controlled and duo and albuterol when actively in attack. 

    I still have very little appetite which is great. I'm looking forward to the weekend, I know I have to pace myself. I'm so far from the desperate and sick state I was in last Friday. Thank you Lord. I was paying attention yesterday to how many cars are in my line of view when on the road and wow, I decided I will always keep my windows up, air on recycle and air on unless out in the country with no traffic. Gas exhaust is a major problem for me. Hope this awareness and being smart about gas station positioning, parking lots, etc will help me. Plus masks!!

    thankful for another good day thus far. Hope everyone is doing well. Tonight's shopping search is for Fragonia. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Gigi, thanks for the reminder! I do keep the air on recycle as well, and I'd never thought about sharing that tip. Off to the  to share … 

  • Kathy P

    I'm glad you are feeling better Gigi! Hope the weekend continues to be great!

    Be very careful with ozone/ionizer type devices. and make asthma worse.

    Healthy, balanced nutrition is always a good thing! I know I just feel better overall when I limit processed foods and cook from scratch with lots of veggies! I also tend to switch things up – different grains (millet, quinoa), different types of beans/lentils, different colors of veggies, different prep methods (raw, roasted, braised). I've also added lacto-fermented veggies to my diet – those add live cultures and change the nutrition profile too.

    My doc has recommended a couple of supplements, but I've tried to then get those nutrients as whole foods. I know they are not as concentrated that way, but somehow, I just feel that the other micronutrients are important too. I do take a Calcium/Magnesium/VitD supplement. My last blood work came back low again, but I've been slacking.

    You mentioned turmeric/circumin in another thread. Our allergist actually suggested this to circumin and ginger as an anti-inflammatory for ds to see if it had any impact on his chronic sinus issues. I started making turmeric shots with lemon, ginger and turmeric (w/ a pinch of pepper to help absorption). I peel lemons and remove the seeds, peel ginger, peel turmeric and toss it all in my VitaMix to grind it up. I freeze it as tiny ice cubes in a covered tray. We pop out a cube or too and mix with sparkling water. I add a touch of agave to mine. Overall, I feel better when I take it daily, so I keep doing it! I was slacking off for a while and started noticing feeling more mucusy, tired, run down. I've redoubled my efforts lately.

    One other thing I've tried, w/ the doc's approval, is Butterbur. You can only get that as supplement since it's toxic in herb form! There have been . I'm not very good about remembering to take them though But I do find that it can help reduce the amount of antihistamines I need.

    Herbal supplements can be a little dicey – some interact with meds or change the absorption of some meds. Always remember to discuss additions/changes with your doc. Another issue is purity. Stick with trusted brands that use trusted sources and purification processes. My acupuncturist pretty much stopped dealing in herbs because some of the ones you can only get from China are so highly contaminated with toxic runoff.

  • GigiGibson

    Kathy, thanks for the feedback, I like the method of cubes in my drink. I saw some cute little trays at home goods the other day. Today has been great. I did sleep better and was up at 830 and masked up to hit the thrift store. They changed out their carpet for vinyl and painted in the past week, overhauled the store so I know it had to be better but flu is horrible in nc so masks for me! I was looking for something to organize my coffee/tea supplies and found a wooden ornate drawer from an antique sewing machine which was perfect!!! $1.00. 

    Lilah had her second party, very nice. Hubby and I retreated to our room about halfway and let the parents and kids enjoy their time. I tried to nap and maybe got some winks but did rest maybe an hour? 

    This evening I cleaned and worked on my kitchen, made a new recipe and after washing my dogs gave myself a mani/pedi. Watching this game, come on Duke!!!!

    no albuterol today. No attacks. Now I just drank a glassful of cold lemonade and feel the twitch, lol. It's time for hs nebs anyway:-) Oh, wants to mention my voice has been so clear and strong, I sang and sang this evening while cooking. I missed singing so much the last 3-4 years. My voice would crack so bad. Sounds crazy but it was nice to sing along, lol.

    thankful for another good day!

  • GigiGibson

    Another great day, no attacks or symptoms to slow me down, full energy and feeling great:-).  Vegan, no gluten, no processed sugar, no dairy at all and raw as much as possible. Woo hooo!

  • K8sMom2002

    Gigi, yahoo on your two great days! You'll have to hop over to to let us know what you're doing with that sewing machine drawer!

    What are some favorite veggie dishes that you've been trying lately? 

  • GigiGibson

    I've been eating homemade hummus with flax seed, pumpkin seeds, carrot shred rolled in lacinato kale. For breakfast wholeoats overnighted with chia seeds, blueberries, raspberries and coconut milk. Drinking loads of aloe juice, spring water and coconut water. 

    Also, roasted Brussel sprouts and beet veggie burgers I made.

  • K8sMom2002

    I've been meaning to try one of those overnight oats recipes … especially Saturday mornings when I don't feel like cooking for DH but he wants something more than toast! 

    Did I read that right? BEET veggie burgers? I'm planning on trying a black bean burger this week (shhh … don't tell DH). And I've heard of chickpea burgers (actually, I'm thinking you could take a  and make a patty that's remarkably like a chicken or salmon croquette. 

  • GigiGibson

    Oh man. I made a delicious dish tonight. I cooked up millet and spread it over the base of a casserole dish. Sprinkled some spices and laid flat peppers on it and covered them with black beans, fresh jalapeños (just a little) and on hubbys roasted corn and cheese. I sautéed some onions for mine separately. Well, the millet had a little crunch here and there from baking, good texture and I sliced up my pepper and onions with my beans. It's was amazing and three bites in my ribs felt hiked up and the pressure was on! Something in there does not like me. I have no idea what. Now I have to figure out at some point what did it. Grrrr. Gotta neb cause it's not leaving with the inhaler. I guess I will bland down and try less ingredients per dish or eat one ingredient at a time to start and see how it goes. Gee, grrr. 

  • GigiGibson

    Other than the dinner fiasco it was a fair day. Freezing this morning so the mask was a must. Then it rained all afternoon, 37 degrees leaving work so mask again. Of course I had to use inhaler am and on and at 3:30 today at work. I have no idea why.  When I came home I nebbed. I can't control the weather!  Now supper set me off, just makes me grumpy, lol. 

  • Serene

    Sounds delish. As I've aged, I find spicy food is a trigger for me. It triggers gerd, which means asthma is not far behind. It sucks to have to restrict my diet, but I find if I avoid those foods, I can avoid asthma much easier…. For me though, chocolate, coffee, tea, peppermint are also on the avoidance list.

    I find it particularly hard to give up chocolate and coffee.

  • Kathy P

    That dish sounds yummy! I love cooked millet. I use it to make . I also use millet flour frequently.

    Ugh on reacting to something! Hope you can figure it out quickly so you can avoid it! Have you tried keeping a food diary?

    My reflux was flared from eating a bunch of gluten-free treats with egg in them. I'm weak! I can tolerate small amounts which makes it so much harder to avoid. I had a rough time stopping tea and caffeine when I had to really pull back on everything when my vocal cords were inflamed and ulcerated. Ugh! I don't seem to really have an issue with spicy/hot things per se, they just make things more caustic when it sloshes up!

  • GigiGibson

    Thank God coffee hasn't triggered me except the temp has from time to time, same with cold stuff. I have emergency cacao but haven't used it. I did buy Cacao powder at Walmart and made two frozen coffee drinks out of it. I may lay that aside awhile too and focus on the waters, aloe and coconut. I'm going to bland down the food and watch spices too. Good grief. Thanks for the support! I'm still 110% determined. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Gigi, I love, love, love millet, especially millet grits. Since we don't have corn, and DD can have millet, it became my go-to replacement for cornmeal and grits — something every southern girl needs to have, right?

    But then I wound up having a really weird reaction to popcorn (we went to a movie), and then not long after that, I reacted to millet as well … so we haven't used it in a while. 

    Since millet and corn are "cousins," I have to ask if you have any sort of reaction to corn? 

    Or it could be the peppers … like Serene said, spicy foods can create reflux. I'm blessedly lucky in that respect — no issues with me. But put celery or fennel root in something, and I'm sick as a dog — three bites in, just like you. Feels like a kick to the ribs. 

  • Serene

    I wanted to add for the butterbur supplement, you want to make sure the supplement does not contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids or is PA free. 

    I check before buying and can only handle butterbur in small doses as for me it can upset the stomach.

  • Kathy P

    Thank you for reiterating that Serene! That is a really important thing about Butterbur. It has to be in extract form from a trusted supplier.

  • K8sMom2002

    I do have to ask … what would you describe as a "trusted supplier?" How do you tell what a trusted brand is or a trusted supplier? That's one reason I've stayed away from nutritional supplements and extracts … 

  • Serene

    I used to buy Zarbee's naturals seasonal relief. Zarbees is a reputable company and made good products. Theirs was PA safe. Looks like they discontinued the product this year, which is a shame, but I'll buy a few boxes on Ebay now that I have discovered they won't be selling it anymore.

    Note: those with ragweed allergy should avoid butterbur. It is in the same family.


  • GigiGibson

    Seems standard process has been growing organically for a very long time on their 1000 acre farm and have earned respect . They are distributed through practitioners 

  • K8sMom2002

    Thanks, Serene — I AM allergic to ragweed. Good to know! And I really appreciate you guys suggesting brands that you trust.

  • GigiGibson

    So the acupuncture went ok I guess . Hard to. Give credit when other things occurred. It's too weird for public forums. 

    I feel good still! I'm doing I'd say 75-80%raw diet on veggies, fruits, nuts, beans. I restarted medium last night, less bloat. Never have heartburn but with this pred fat belly I discovered I bloat bad. It was brocolli I believe. Today no bloat. No proair so far today.yesterday only once at 430 on 6 lane highway. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Glad  there was less bloat today! Sometimes when you're adding in a lot more veggies like broccoli, cabbage, and other leafy greens, especially raw, it can take your body a bit to adjust. But these veggies are power-packed with nutrition, so hopefully your body WILL adjust and quickly. 

    Also, here's a couple of articles about the benefits and the concerns of and/or . I'm a big believer in veggies, but I did want to share these with you for you to read over as both have some good tips. The main tip, of course, is to seek out the advice of a registered dietitian. 

    Bummer on having to use Proair on a 6 lane highway!

  • GigiGibson

    No proair today. 

    There should be like a parade after I say that, lol. I still haven't learned the emojis. 

    I ate raw today and am probably a little heavy on the protein and such but I'm still healing. Not meat but  nuts, nut butters and beans. 

    I signed up for food allergy testing next Thursday at 445. No azelastine or Allegra til after. Insert bugged eyed face here:-). 

    Seriously though I hate how it dries me anyway. I figured this is a fast track to putting any offenders in ink and perhaps finding things I didn't expect and maybe things I can add back to my plate. I'll do that slowly though. My acupunturist said to wait 4 days between introducing new food.  The asthma docs office will get me referred out to the endocrinologist too. Yeah, so averaging 2 doctors appointments a week, lol. But I'm trying and learning and feeling strong so it's time well spent. If I don't try I don't find out. The MA who gave me my injection was asking me how I was and I told her what I was doing and she said she used to work with holistic practitioner and she is a believer. Said "they" will say you aren't "allergic" but just sensitive. How ever if she eats dairy she gets sick, vomits, stomach hurts. Wow! So that's when I said you know, let's take a short cut here and just see what shows up. I have some validity that perhaps foods are affecting my asthma as I've reduced rescue inhaler use dramatically so there ya go. 

    Well 5:20 comes early, I've gotta wash, I was so excited to get in the tub tonight with my eucalyptus. Now it's getting chilly!

  • Jen

      How's this emoji, Gigi?  btw, when you're in the reply window (on a computer), click on the happy face and then our emojis will show up.

    As for food allergy testing, which doctor is doing it?   has a high rate of false positives, which can lead to unnecessarily avoiding foods.  

  • GigiGibson

    My asthma and allergy doctor. Yes, I've been reading up to best be prepared for interpreting results. Since I am already on an elimination of sorts I think it will help me reintroduce and verify anything that comes up positive afterwards. I've never had a good reaction except a couple times with shrimp and calamari and I'm off meat anyway. So, reintroducing anything that the prick shows + should be safe. I will verify with my doctor first. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Gigi, if you're on mobile and you want to a cheer emoji, you can type : cheer : without the spaces, and you'll get .. And the bug-eyed guy? He can be summoned by typing : eek : without the spaces.

    Yanno, when I hear you talk about reducing your Proair, I have to go myself.

    And I'm reminded of the old Hee-Haw Doc who used to ask, "Does it hurt when ya do that?" and the patient would nod.

    And the Hee-Haw Doc would say, "Well, then, don't DO THAT."  

    So whatever's working, since you are going along with your doctor's advice and letting your search complement your traditional medical approach and therapy, I say, yay!

    Allergy testing can create false positives and false negatives. My DD tested positive to soy, peanuts and oats, but she passed food challenges to all of those. I tested negative to celery — but it makes me break out in hives and gives me almost instantaneous stomach cramps and nausea. So the advice of my doctor has been an echo of the Hee-Haw Doc: "Well, then, don't DO THAT."

  • GigiGibson

    Lol. Yes,I'm always on the phone. Learning two at a time I should succeed! 

    Oh my tummy blew up, er, out and hurts so bad! What did I do? I had a different coconut water today and a couple things I added, thats it. I did add strawberries to my berry and oats but I had it last night too. Hmm I ate twice as much coconut as usual after lunch. Grrr. I took sinethici e and tums already had medium 24. I've gotta back track today's intake. 

    I got my shot late yesterday. I did bloat some after supper, strawberries maybe?

  • GigiGibson

    Hey y'all yay Duke!!!

    my tummy eased up and I decided I needed a cooked comfort meal so i made  chili. Yummmmm beans and jalepenos and red peppers and tomatoes, tons of cilantro. Settled well and all is well. Been reading about herxheimer reaction, wow. Liver detox, wow. Parasites, ugh. Luckily the supplement I am on covers the parasite kill. Don't suspect it but it should be ruled out and such per my herbalist. 

    i had another respiratory sx free day. Two days no proair, first time in forever. Still doing my regular nebs as my doctor said. 

    As far as the gi pain I had for 2.5 hours today it's hard to say what caused it. All I can figure is it's because I ate too many different things in a big meal in a hurry. Remember I have thirty minutes to neb and eat. The sites I sought talked about not having too many ingredients and at first do lesser % raw if it this happens. 

    Tomorrow I will bake some sweet potatoe, kale and beet chips. Sunday I'm going to cook me some of Those veggie burgers I froze last Saturday. Tomorrow night we go to eat with the church folks at a place with great  food but lawd I don't know what I will eat this time. 

    I am sleeping all night now, wow. It's been years. Seriously. I have interstitial cystitis which is aggravated by sulfites and alcohol. With neither and the anti inflammatory diet I guess it's calmed down. 

    its been 10-11 days, 10-11 of my best in awhile. I thought about egg biscuits & donuts all morning but realized it's likes smoking cessation.. triggers. Yep, Friday I used to treat myself to breakfast goodies on the way to work. I just have to do like I did when I quit smoking years ago. " hold it up, state what it is, recognize it's just a trigger and why it's not worth it". 

    yay me I am doing this to help me. 

  • Kathy P

    So glad you are sorting through what is going to work for you. It's a process for sure! And wow for sleeping through the night and having good days!

  • Jen

    Gigi – I don't necessarily think food allergy testing would be a waste.  It's just that if there are false positives, it could lead you on a wild goose chase.  I would maybe want to discuss this again with your doctor to explain your concerns over potential false positives, how/if the doctor would want you to reintroduce any foods, etc.

    So….how was tonight's dinner?

    Oh and boo Duke.  Maryland fan here.  Old ACC rivals.  Not that Maryland Mens bball has anything to brag about after going one and done this year.