Sammy Williams Rejoins AAFA and brings support from

      In 1983 my mother Vanessa Williams and I traveled to Washington DC first to meet with her mentor Katy Hall.  Then to network with  I was the poster child for the Midwest Region that year.  Below is a picture of the three of us just before the Martin Luther King Day bill was signed.

As a child I suffered from Acute Bronchial Asthma and overcame over 7 asthma attacks before the age of 5.  At that time I was a very avid reader as the nurses always brought me the Highlights Magazines that I loved so much.  I was able to communicate to others how I was feeling and what did not feel so good.  I did not realize that my testimony would help a world renowned doctor figure out how to manage my most difficult situation of Asthma.



He and my mother has submitted my name for the opportunity with and I was selected.  

Since then I have been very busy as the Founder of and working closely with Milton Bullock "The Golden Platter" who first taught me to sing in the Do It For The Kids Foundation.  Visit for more info.


With the support of my organizations I will rejoin the fight against Asthma.  I look forward to becoming a valuable asset to the cause as I lend my voice.



Sam Williams II  AKA Sammy Poster Child 1983



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  • Shea

    Welcome back Sammy! ☺

    I have a 5 year old with allergies, also a good communicator, which has helped his doctors and I manage them, and keep him safe. 

    I myself have asthma and allergies and the forum here has been soooo helpful!

  • Sam Williams II AAFA Posterchild 1983

    To whom it may concern,
    It is my pleasure to be able to thank the AAFA for doing its part to fight the battle against asthma and allergy.  As a child I learned how to control my triggers with the help of AAFA and my Doctor.  I hope all children have access to information that could make a difference between life and death.
    If there is anything that you may need of feel free to contact me and I will lend my voice and an advocate.  
    I look forward to making a contribution to help the fight in asthma management.
    Best Regards,
    Sam Williams II
    Community Servant
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  • K8sMom2002

    Sam, that's terrific! Are your triggers still a problem for you? Or has your asthma improved over the years?

  • Sam Williams II AAFA Posterchild 1983
    K8sMom2002 posted:

    Wow, Sam! That's quite a story! How is your asthma today? 

    Well there are still the chemical triggers and allergies. But it has gotten better. I removed myself from taking medicine at age 15 without doctors consent. I read the side effects of my meds. It said DEATH.  Since then I have studied martial arts to improve lung strength. I created my own system called Tae Qi Gong a Motivational Arts System. 

    It's a mental connection to healing. I'd would love to share more with you if you like.

  • K8sMom2002

    Sam, it sounds like you've done a great job avoiding your chemical triggers and allergens! And on including physical activity as part of your own regimen!

    Many medications can have scary sounding side effects, so if that's a concern for you, it's important to talk your doctor about whether they're likely to happen to you.

    Plus, stopping and starting meds is definitely something I like to talk to my doctor about. Some medications shouldn't be immediately stopped, while others like rescue inhalers are necessary to help turn an asthma attack around.

    A friend of mine gave me this mental shortcut to use when talking with my doctor about medications and treatments: BRAND.

    • Benefits of the proposed medicine or treatment – what will it help?
    • Risks of the proposed medicine or treatment – what bad things might happen? How common are those bad things?
    • Alternatives to the proposed medicine or treat – is there any other medication with less risks that will have the same benefits?
    • Nothing — what will happen if I decide to do nothing?
    • Decision — this is the final step — my doctor and I decide what's best for my personal case.
  • Jen

    @Sam Williams II AAFA Posterchild 1983 How is your asthma with the colder weather?

  • Sam Williams II AAFA Posterchild 1983

    Simply awesome as long as I don't catch a cold. Stay warm and bundled up. But don't catch a sweat in the cold. And it's all about the water. Drinks plenty of boiled spring water.

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     How is your asthma with the colder weather?

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