respiratory therapist looking for a way to label rescue and controller inhalers for kids – any ideas?

From Facebook:

I am an RT and work in a peds pulmonary clinic, I'm trying to find a cute inexpensive way to label inhalers rescue and controller…any ideas? Thanks


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  • Kathy P

    It depends on the purpose of the labeling. If it's for telling them apart and making them correspond to a dosing schedule, what about stickers? I'm picturing a sort of sticker chart with morning, night, rescue inhaler – or whatever dosing is needed. Then put corresponding stickers on the inhaler and the chart. So…

    • morning dose – sticker of the sun coming up
    • bedtime dose – sticker of a child in bed
    • rescue dose – sad face

    When I've put stickers or labels on things like that, I "laminate" them with a piece of packing tape to keep them from rubbing off or peeling.

  • K8sMom2002

    That's a good one, Kathy P!

    Another inexpensive way would be to use some colorful duct tape — red, yellow or green — on the inhaler. It could correspond with a color code on the asthma action plan.