Reminder: Protect your inhalers from the cold

Don't leave your quick relievers or other asthma medicines in your car (especially overnight). Carry them with you everywhere you go.

If you read the patient insert on your medications, it will list the optimal storage temperature and many will say they should not be exposed to extreme cold. 


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  • K8sMom2002

    Yes, yes, yes … I heartily agree. And if you live in Georgia or anywhere in the deep south this year, leaving them in the car isn't a good idea even if the weather at the time is okay for them. 

    This afternoon, the temp was about 60 degrees. Now it's 44, and it's dropping like a stone. Tomorrow it will barely nudge the mercury above freezing. 

    Aack, but I hate whiplash weather. 

  • Kathy P

    It took me a while, but I finally broke myself of the habit of leaving meds in my car. It's in the garage, but still get wide temp swings.

  • Tiffany F.

    Question: so what if I DID leave it in the cold?  I actually forgot about the one in my car completely and it's been in there since November (some negative temp nights).  Should I throw it away or what should I do now?

  • Kathy P

    Check the information on the insert about the temp restrictions. You can also call the pharmacist to see if the can give you guidance. 

    I used to leave Albuterol inhalers in my car and I found the actuator would stick if they got too cold. And I was sure what it did to the med itself. 

  • Dar007

    Wow! I never thought of that before. I will carry mine in my purse or bag from now on!