Recall on Ventolin Inhalers for possible package leakage


I recently got some refills on my inhalers and I noticed that they ran out of puffs. I have four diffrent inhalers that do not work. When I get a refill I usually get two at a time. And I noticed after I got to puff 98 on one and puff 16 on another they stopped working. I needed my in halers as soon as possible so I put in another refill. Soon after it did the same thing one inhaler had 73 puffs left and stopped working then the other had 83  puffs ad stopped working. I brought to the pharmacy and they said to get in touch with your company. But the pharmacy told me that my lot numbers were not the ones that were recalled. I'm not sure if your company is aware there are more out there not working but I still have them. I will attach pictures.

I would like to get a refund on all 4 of the inhalers.

Thank You 


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  • Jen

    Hi Jessica,

    Welcome to AAFA's asthma support community.  I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Ventolin inhalers  AAFA published a .  In that blog is a toll free number you can use to reach the pharmaceutical company that manufactures those inhalers.  

  • K8sMom2002

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with your inhaler. That must be extremely frustrating. 

    The first thing I would suggest would be to contact GlaxoSmithKline about the problem you are having with your inhaler, even if your inhaler isn't included in the current recall. The number to GlaxoSmithKline's response center is 1-888-825-5249. Reporting issues with inhalers or medications to the manufacturer is a big first step in figuring out exactly what is causing the problem. 

    If it were me, I would also call my healthcare provider and explain the problems you are having. It's important to tell your doctor if you believe you are not getting or able to take the medication that has been prescribed.

  • Brian Cushing

    I used to have that problem with the Teva ProAir albuterol inhalers my HMO's pharmacy was supplying. They would last through about half of the actuations and then get plugged up or something and completely stop working. This is not a good thing when you rely on albuterol to rescue you!! 

    Thankfully, the pharmacy has since switched to Ventolin inhalers and at least the first one I'm using seems to work every time, and I'm about halfway through it. I use albuterol daily (I'm one of those hapless asthmatics who gets a severe reaction from LABA's) so these inhalers have to work. 

    Ventolin inhalers come in a sealed package. Did you notice damage in the outer packages in the case of the failed inhalers? 

  • K8sMom2002

    Brian, glad your inhalers are working better! One thing that I always, always recommend is that people who are having difficulty with an inhaler (or any med, for that matter) contact both their doctors and the company that makes it. After all, I remind myself, I may not be the only one having that problem — it could actually be a big enough problem to trigger a recall.

  • Kathy P

    The recall lot numbers were just updated. So check your inhaler against the latest lot numbers - 

  • Jen

    @Jessics Butler Were you able to get things sorted out with your inhalers?