Quiet table top nebulizer?

Howdy, quick question, do you guys have a table top nebulizer that you like and isn’t too noisy? I have a Phillips innospire elegance. It totally does its job, but it’s a bit noisy (rated at 52-55 dB). I feel like I’m waking the dead if I use it late at night. 



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  • LK

    Wow!  The Pari Trek S is on sale on that link!  Thanks Melissa!

    My old tabletop nebulizer is a Philips Respirionics Inspiration Elite but it is almost 7 years old and is starting to make a funny noise so I need to find a new tabletop model as well.  I do have that Pari Trek S and love it but wore out the battery!  Good thing with it is I can still plug it in if I need to use it.

  • dory2005

    Em, I have the same one as you that i keep on my nightstand by my bed. I guess I'm so used to it that I don't even notice the noise! My DH works at night so usually he is just getting home when I need to neb (around 2-3 AM), so it's not usually an issue for waking him up. But now that you mentioned it, it is pretty loud! 

  • Pljohns

    I have a table top Pari and it's fairly loud too.  I found on vacation I could sort of wrap it in a bath towel and it didn't wake anyone up.

  • LK

    Lynn,  That was thoughtful of you to want to make your neb quieter but weren't you worried about "stuff" from the towel getting pulled into the nebulizer and then into your lungs?

  • Pljohns

    The filter should catch anything that comes in and i didn't have any issues that I know of.  if anything, all it should have been was some extra lint but I didn't have issues with that-thank goodness.

  • Emelina

    Cynthia, Lisa, Lynn, Dory and Melissa, 

    thanks all for your input! I think I’ll try traveling with both and see how it goes. I’ll try the towel trick too.