Questions to ask Toddlers Pulmonologist?

Hi Everyone — we have our follow-up visit with my toddler daughters Pulmonologist tomorrow 2ish months after her hospitalization.  I am making a list of questions but wondering if any parents/patients can help me out with anything I may be missing?


  • She was not meeting her goals due to consistent sickness (month of August, Sept has been better) – is there anything else we can do at night during a cold?  (when she seems to have the most trouble)  ie.  for coughing, also she has seemed very hoarse or dried out at times when the weather gets colder at night (I also have the same reaction) but it’s not cold in the house at night.  What can we do to minimize this?
  • What Oxygen # should be our alert number telling us she needs to be headed to hospital?  this was unclear to me.
  • Can we have/should we have a peak flow meter for Lexi?  I have read these devices can help detect narrowing in your airways hours, or even days, before you feel symptoms.
  • She seems to have increased tantrums and mood issues on Singulair.  Is there any other similar medicine we can try that may have less side effects?

this is all new to us as parents, and we havent experienced a Fall season yet so any questions I should add that I may need to know going forward would be MUCH appreciated!


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  • Jen

    Hi Tiffany,

    Welcome.  If you don't have one already, I would ask for the doctor to fill out an  so you know exactly when to use what.  You could even ask for the doctor to include details for various triggers, such as colds and changing weather.

  • K8sMom2002

    What great questions you already have!

    I agree! with what Jen says about the asthma action plan.

    The one thing that helped me get my DD's AND my asthma under control was to get good nitty-gritty detail on a sort of if/then chart — if THIS happens, I do THAT. I would have loved to have had AAFA's action plan back then.

    Could you also ask about lessons on how to use inhalers and nebs properly and for the staff to check your technique? I didn't know to ask that when my kiddo was small. Learning all that — not just technique but when and how and why – helped us keep her asthma much more  manageable.

    Also, if you can recall them, what things trigger your DD's asthma besides colds? You can put together a "trigger diary" based on what you recall and ask the doctor about ways to avoid or reduce those triggers. 

    AAFA has as well. Best of luck with the doc! Keep us posted on how it went!

  • K8sMom2002

    @Tiffany F., I'm sending good — the very best thoughts — your way and I hope you had a good and productive appointment with your daughter's pulmo today!