Pulmonary Rehab

Hi. Has anyone had pulmonary rehab? If so, was it helpful? 



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  • K8sMom2002

    My mom was on a waiting list for pulmonary rehab, and from what her doctors told her, it could really, really help.

    Here's why:

    When you can't breathe very well (due to asthma, COPD, etc.), you don't move very much. You get exhausted very quickly.

    When you don't move very much, you lose muscle mass, which is the "engine" that you use to move yourself.

    When you lose muscle mass, you lose some of the "engine" and "horsepower" that you had to move yourself around, so it takes more energy. You get exhausted even more quickly.

    So basically, pulmonary rehab is designed to help you maximize and keep what you still have. Sometimes it can even improve things. 

    Because of that, and because it's really hard around here to get in a pulmonary rehab program, I do my own version. I walk every day indoors. I use some of the strategies that my mom's respiratory therapists shared with her. I understand the link between mild and moderate exercise and keeping what lung function I have.

    If you have the chance to try it, I would go for it. A good pulmonary rehab program will give you techniques to help you manage bad times, find an exercise program right for you, and focus on helping you keep what function you have. 

  • MMKB

    K8SMOM2002 – Thanks so for much for the information  ! Now that my right rib is broke my doctor said I have  to wait until it is healed.

  • Nemo88

    Hey MMKB I am actually going through my second round of pulmonary rehab currently. I have found it to be very helpful. They help me with finding activities I can do and handle. They also will find tools tips and tricks to help you. 

    They also will help you with diet and nutrition as weight is hard thing for those of us who can't do a whole lot. I find it to also be very encouraging as I am surrounded by others who know what struggles we are dealing with and can lead to finding out some tips or tricks you may not have thought of or heard about. 

    Sorry to hear you broke a rib that is never fun I hope it heals quickly and well. If you have any specific questions about rehab just ask and I may have an answer or Cynthia will have you covered as she nailed it on the head with her response on your thread.

  • MMKB

    Nemo88 – Thanks for your message. I hope your rehab continues to go well. How many days per week do you go to rehab and how many weeks does it usually last?

  • Nemo88

    Well I am usually going 3 days a week or you go two days a week here.  As for how many weeks I think it comes out to like 9-12weeks maybe more depends sometimes on insurance coverage.