prednisone side effects

I've been on pred dozens of times and most of you all have too-what do you use to combat the side effects of bloat and any other issues?  It tends to give me bathroom issues in addition to terrible bloat and i've never found anything to combat those two things-any suggestions?


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  • K8sMom2002

    Prednisone is never kind to my tummy, that's for sure. I'm assuming you take it with meals, right? Could you ask your doctor if there's any over-the-counter medication you can take temporarily to manage the bathroom issues?

    Here's a link to a collection of . 

    On bloating, you're already on an extremely low-sodium diet because of your DH, right? I'm not sure how much lower sodium would be safe for you — that would be something else to talk with your doctor and/or a registered dietitian. 

    If your bloat is not from water retention but from gas from your tummy, could you ask your doctor about using something like Gas-X? That has helped me over the years with a variety of tummy troubles that produce gas, as well as after laparoscopic surgery — my surgeon suggested I take it as the label directed while I was awake, and it really, really helped with the pain from the gas that they used in the surgery.

  • Pljohns

    Oooooo…..thanks for the link cynthia-Pred is some nasty stuff and I've never been good at managing it-even though I try to be proactive about it.  Was up at 1 with cramps and stomach pain from it and it never let up.  

    yes, we are on low sodium diet-500 mg/day or less, no fried foods, lots of fresh vegi's.  I hadn't thought of the gasx-use to use it but had totally forgotten about it!

    As for water retention, the low sodium keeps that from happening.  I check my feet every night and they are good gauges as well as my wedding rings (which are about fall off right now).  I do take it with food on my stomach.  I've learned if I take it as I eat, it pops off my GERD pretty bad but if I wait about 30 min, I don't have any problems.  I'm wondering if some of the fresh vegi's (namely broccoli) are contributing to the boating and gas.  I'm eating anything that I can taste basically right now-and that's not much, but I'm trying to make sure it's healthy (except for the Hershey's chocolate bars and Hershey's pudding )

  • LK
      I'm eating anything that I can taste basically right now-and that's not much, but I'm trying to make sure it's healthy (except for the Hershey's chocolate bars and Hershey's pudding )

    Lynn, Love your sense of humor!    I'm with you on chocolate!!  Wish I had some helpful suggestions for you!

    That article has good information to think about while taking pred.  Thanks, Cynthia!  Interesting that it takes up to year or two for the pred to stop affecting how your metabolism works and weight gain after you have discontinued taking it.    I knew it was a while, but didn't know it was that long. 


  • K8sMom2002

    Lynn, if it's tummy gas, I'd definitely talk to your doc about something like Gas-X. It has REALLY helped me. Back when I battled endometriosis, I found that pain in that area + normal amounts of gas could really cause me problems, so when I asked my OB/GYN, she was like, "Try some Gas-X or an over the counter med like that." I felt silly mentioning gas at a doctor's appointment, but she took it seriously and listened and suggested several other things like watching what I ate during an endo flare.

    She did urge me to continue eating fresh veggies and other fiber-rich meals, as she said that would ultimately HELP because my body would create a good micro-biome (check with your doc, though.) She said that cabbage, broccoli, beans and other "gassy" foods tended to create gas if you didn't eat them all the time. Once you began eating them more frequently, your body got accustomed to them. 

    Her advice was that if I knew that a particular veggie or food created a lot of gas even though I ate it frequently was to lay off it temporarily during a flare of my endometriosis. So maybe you could ask your doc whether a break would help?

  • Pljohns

    I got some gas-x on the way home and i"m MUCH better today-I'll be keeping that stuff around.  it's been YEARS since I used it and had totally forgotten about it but it will be a staple in the house from now on.

    Hadn't thought about laying off foods that create gas-we don't eat a lot of beans but broccoli is a big one for me and right now, I am eating it up!  it is one of those things that just tastes good to me.

  • K8sMom2002

    So glad it has helped! Definitely check with your pharmacist and/or your doctor to make sure that an over the counter med works with the rest of what you're taking, but it sure has helped me. 

    And I love broccoli!