Possible way to save on prescriptions!

I saw this in my news feed this morning, and I wanted to share! If you shop at any of the Kroger family of stores,  that's designed to help you save money on medications. It's good at across all participating Kroger family of pharmacies, including Kroger, Fred Meyer, Frys … and a whole bunch of other stores owned by Kroger.

For a flat yearly subscription fee ($36 for an individual, $72 for a family up to 6), Kroger says you have access to 100+ common prescriptions for FREE, $3, or $6. Plus, you could save on 1,000+ generic prescriptions.

I'm not sure if they run that through insurance … so if they don't and you have a high deductible plan that everything counts toward your deductible, then your drug costs won't go toward meeting that deductible.

It's worth a look!

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  • Dar007

    I wish that would apply to me…Had to spend $150 today to refill two of my three medications for asthma. My drug coverage through work sent me a letter last summer saying that they won’t be covering my Dulera and Singulair anymore because I don’t use the Ventolin as often anymore. They will cover the Ventolin though…since it is the cheapest of the three. Oh well. It is expensive every month. 

  • Melissa G

    This is great! I wish we had a Kroger's near us! I am going to check our local stores/pharmacies and see if they have anything similar. 


  • Pljohns

    Withe winter season on us and all of the icky's that go with it, remember if you have a publix near you, there is a list of some common antibiotics that publix will fill FREE-you just take the prescription with you and it's totally free-no insurance, no copay, nothing.

    Here's the list if anyone needs it-