Plans for July 4th?

So yikes — it's July 3, and we haven't got any nailed down plans for the Fourth except what we usually do. What we usually do is have supper at my sister's and go watch fireworks afterwards. 

Menu (I think) will be 

  • grilled barbecue ribs
  • homemade baked beans (thank you, pressure cooker! )
  • potato salad or cole slaw or stir-fried cabbage
  • apple pie — since DD passed a challenge to baked apple some years ago, we always have an apple pie and ice cream for the 4th. She really looks forward to it.

What are your plans for the 4th? What strategies do you use to make sure the holiday is a "asthma and allergy safe" one?


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  • Melissa G

    Well, we were supposed to go camping but it is just way to hot for Bekah. So we are relaxing at home. We are going to the movies tomorrow afternoon. We will be having hamburgers and hot dogs, unfortunately not a grill. 

  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    Well, tomorrow is my birthday (and my sister's bday!), so we'll probably go over to my sister's for a birthday brunch…my 7 yo DD wants to have a Mommy/daughter spa day, so we'll probably get our nails done and just relax at the pool. It depends on the weather/air quality because I'm still recovering from last night's exacerbation, so if it's not good air quality, we may go to a movie or do something else indoors.

    Either way, birthday cake and lactose free Breyer's vanilla bean ice cream will be involved!!! 

  • Pljohns

    We plan to do nothing but grill burgers and relax-just the 4 of us-sounds like heaven to me right now

  • LK

    Happy Birthday to you and your sister, Brenda!!    Hope you have a grand day tomorrow!

  • LK

    We were thinking of having family over but decided we both just need a slow day so DH will just grill some hot dogs and I picked up side dishes that I don't need to do more than open to prepare!  

  • Shea

    I love holidays. To me, they are fun opportunities to step away from the ordinary, and to express onesself creatively, and to be around family. And shop!   I like to look at all the decorations at the stores, and find new ways of celebrating. 4th of July is fun because my parents host it at their house, which means I just bring a dish and a few games, but dont have to have the stress of hosting. 

    This year I found a glowstick set with rings that you throw around a pole, all neon lit up. I got a few other fancy-themed glow sticks too. Since it takes a whike to get dark, Tommy picked out a bubble glove, and we are bringing a littke toy rocket that shoots up into the air a good 40 feet and is fun to run and catch.

    My dad said he and my younger siblings picked out a bunch of fireworks, so it will be fun watching them light those off across the street in the field (I will be wearing my mask and keeping my distance as a percaution).

    I am going to make a cake with whipped topping with berries on it, and bring Tommy and I's favorite homemade chex mix.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe fourth of July!!!

  • LK

    I second Shea's wish for everyone to have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!

  • Lisa123

    Happy 4th.  For us- we are two hours into babysitting by the parents and after Nursing the baby right now – will go out for some alone time and leave the kiddos.  We need it.  Been a scary week w son- mild allergy reactions and my anxiety about whether it will progress etc (not ingestion but near it etc etc).  So in about 10 mins I just want to not think about anything.  What are we going to do?  I dunno – probably sit in the car or stay within 5 / 10 mins away.  Haha.  But we are never alone 🙂 so that’s okay.  Time to reconnect. 

  • dory2005

    My sweet husband has had a stomach bug all day, so we are taking it easy. Chicken noodle soup and crackers for my hubby, and pizza for the boys. Plus it’s too hot to go out, so we are binging my favorite show on Netflix. Thankful he has the day off!! 😀

  • Pljohns

    Dory-hope your DH is feeling better-bummer to be sick on a holiday but hopefully a inside relaxing day for you (except for taking care of DH)