Pharmacist rescues girl with asthma attack

And they say house calls are a thing of the past!

This article talks about how a pharmacist knew ambulance personnel wouldn't be able to give steroids (I guess it varies by local regulation?), so she delivered the medication to the girl's house in order for it to be given … here's the article!

It just goes to show that your pharmacist can be a valuable member of your medical team.

How well do you know your pharmacist? Has he or she ever helped you out?


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  • Kathy P

    Wow, it sounds like the pediatrician was calling in the meds while the mom was calling 911:

    The pediatrician was calling in an order for prednisolone for a girl named Madison Tracy, and Dr. Soliman realized she would need to drive over to the patient’s house to get the medicine to her as quickly as possible because the family had already called 911.

    “I figured it would be necessary to drive it to the patient, given the fact that the patient did not have a steroid at home, and the paramedics do not administer the steroid,” Dr. Soliman told Pharmacy Times.

    When Dr. Soliman arrived at the house, she saw Madison in acute respiratory distress, undergoing a nebulizer treatment. Around 10 officials, including paramedics and police officers, were at the scene.

    I don't think this would ever happen with the chain pharmacy we use. But when I was a kid, one of our neighbors was a pharmacist with his own store. I needed a hard to get medication when I was a teen and none of the other pharmacies were willing to order it in the small quantity that I was being prescribed. But our neighbor ordered it for me, expedited it, and delivered it to your house. He also used to get the quinine drugs for my dad whenever he was having a flare of his toxoplasmosis.

  • Mandy

    Wow, that is just awesome. Going above and beyond still happens. It's so nice to hear these stories. 

    I feel like my pharmacists are very helpful now that I am there all the time. When I was just on a couple of meds, I felt invisible. I took the initiative to ask more questions and utilize the services they offer (med review, immunizations, etc). It's been helpful.

  • Shea

    I had a doctors appointment today, and I asked my doctor for an emergency steroid (prednisone) dose that I have in case of emergency, or natural disaster. I havr had emergencies in the past with no epipen or nebulizer or difficulty getting a medication… It is so scary! Now I am like Queen Prepared! That pharmacist was great.

  • K8sMom2002

    Mandy, it IS nice to know!

    Kathy P, nice going for your hometown pharmacist! I'm sure chain stores aren't as flexible as privately owned pharmacies. Still, I've been pleasantly surprised how helpful our new pharmacist is now that our old pharmacy got bought out. 

    He's really helped me figure out things — in fact, there was one med that a doctor wanted me on long term and the pharmacist flagged it due to my past health history. He helped me figure out what to ask my doctor and even suggested a few different drugs that she might prescribe instead.