PFT test : Inhale a lot shorter then exhale.

Hello  I have , allergic asthma , Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, Immune  Deficiency and Sleep Apena. Yesterday I had a PFT test it showed up that my inhale was a lot shorter then my exhale . Is that possible? So now I have to go get a specialized PfT.

Has anyone had this ?


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  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome, BenR! Such a great and interesting question … It sounds like a good question to submit to AAFA's free Ask the Allergist™ service.  You can fill out this  and a board-certified allergist will reply within a couple of weeks. 

    What sort of specialized PFT will you be getting?

  • Melissa G

    Hi Ben! Welcome to the AAFA forums! 

    I have not had a specialized PfT. Have you had any other  done? When is your test schedule for?

    Do you know what your are?

  • BenR

    Hello, thank  you for your response. I haven’t been scheduled for the test yet .  I have had multiple pft tests , biopsy’s of my airways and sinuses . Plus probably some others I can’t remember at this moment.  I have had allergic asthma  from being in large pollen clouds, mold ,ragweed .  In Spain, when I was there on my honeymoon I had multiple attacks from this purple flowers .

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Hello. ☺ I call that the glass room spirometry test. I have had that test done. I have severe asthma and COPD. They perform the test before you use Albuterol, and after. They had me do a 7 minute walk in between. 

    This test can tell the doctor alot about how your lungs respond to the medication. The doctor needs to see how much air goes in, and how much goes out. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Ben, here's hoping the plethysmography will give you and your doctors valuable information for a good, solid plan forward … that stinks that you were having issues on your honeymoon and in such a beautiful locale as Spain. Do you know what the flower was you were reacting to?