PF and FEV1/FEV6

For those of us that keep up with numbers, just curious where does everyone normally run?  I know we are all different and everyone's numbers will be different but I've always just been curious about it-

I normally run PF low 500's and FEV1's upper 1.9's to 2.2's.  Before I was sick in January (and it took 6 months to get over it), FEV1 was normally for me 2.25 or up but it's never gotten back there-have a feeling I have some scarring from that flare being allowed to run so long.


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  • LK

    My PF numbers are usually in the mid 400s.  Haven't done them lately though.  

    My FEV 1/FEV 6 – Were in the 2.7 – 2.8 range for FEV 1 and in the 2.9 – 3.0 (on a really good day ) for FEV 6.  Today they were 305/362.  Admittedly I haven't done them for several days so not sure when they started improving.

  • Pljohns

    for me-numbers can be great and symptoms in the gutter-my old, wonderful pulmo always told me to use BOTH the numbers AND symptoms in decided what to throw at it and when.  Of course, I'm pretty good at playing down my symptoms so I don't have to throw something at it and by the time the numbers go down, I'm in bad shape.

  • Melissa G

    Me too Lynn….I knew I should have used my inhaler before going to bed the other night. But I was too lazy to go get it… And woke up in the middle of night feeling horrid and wheezing. 

  • LK

    Me, three!!!  So nice to know that other folks' numbers don't match up with how they are doing.  

    Melissa,  Let's just say that you were already feeling the effects of the flare and that is why you had no energy to get up and use your inhaler!     

    In all seriousness, I doubt you were too lazy.  You do so many good things, I don't think "lazy" is in your vocabulary!

    I have woken up during the night thinking maybe I should use my inhaler yet I go back to sleep and later really need it or the neb.  I wonder if when we are going to sleep or have been asleep if our minds just aren't awake enough to force us to get up and use our inhalers.  Stray musings here!  

  • Melissa G

    Lisa, you are very kind! I think we are just too tired from all the things we do during the day and by the time it is time for bed, our brain shuts down. 

  • Pljohns

    Totally agree Melissa-by the time we run all over the place and do everything, I hit the bed at night and just crash-by about 9, I'm too tired to think straight (I joke and say I turn into a pumpkin at 9).