How can i kindly access your surpport for my severe asthma.


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  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, onesmuskw, you're in the right place! What sort of pain are you experiencing? Have you reached out to your doctor?

  • Shea

    Hi Onesmus! Lots of us on here are dealing with severe asthma and so.. Just know you're not alone! My main triggers are cat and dog dander (I have allergic asthma). What are your triggers?

  • onesmus

    Oh yes mine are pigs cats and dogs I don't want to see any one smoking or any kind of smoke.I am in remote area I can't escape all this what do I do really.

  • onesmus

    Some one donated the cash I bought the symbicort inhalers for the last two years they do surpported me with the cash for the inhalers now ideal my world is over because he is no where to be found.

    Though Good Samaritan gave me your address to seek any possible help.


  • onesmus

    May be you are working.I don't have any job my late wife left us through tragic road accident while i was still in Afghanistan.working for DynCorp my children life has changed I don't have any is terible here I need not only surpport for medication but also for my children education.I heard about charity how do they opperate and where are they really.I am sick and sad.

  • onesmus
    Shea posted:

    Hi Onesmus! Lots of us on here are dealing with severe asthma and so.. Just know you're not alone! My main triggers are cat and dog dander (I have allergic asthma). What are your triggers?

    I know it is a big org.and if it choses to help it can kindly deal with the education of my children's I can die and leave them educated.where can i get all the medicine.symbicort is very expensive among others.and I'm not working any where.

  • Melissa G

    Hi and Welcome to AAFA! 

    I am so very sorry to hear about your wife. 

    Here is some information about the 

  • Shea

    Im not sure about international financial relief or healthcare. But someone else on here might know? I carry Flovent inhaler and albuterol sulfate inhaler, but it is less expensive for me to get nebulizer solutions of medicines and they work better for me (but it takes longer each treatment takes at least 15 minutes). I nebulize with solutions of budesonide and albuterol 2 times daily. Again–not sure how healthcare there works at all, but if you see a doctor there you can ask them about nebulizers and solutions or other medicines that might cost less? But you need a nebulizer for those too so it is an investment… Lime this one:

    I work a lot with avoidance of triggers too. Like I definitely dont have any animal that triggers my asthma in my home, and sometimes when I go out I wear a mask like these:


    Or at least I carry it and if I am around something I cant avoid it helps.

  • onesmus

    There is suffering from inferiority complex with asthma.and without the real surpport to manage the disease.

    I think most of you can accept this as a It really happens to I think to others.



  • onesmus

    Thank you for liking my is the usual concept of all the sufferingI have been undergoing.PAIN. Tryying strungle to attain some oxgen in to my lungs.Trying to hide the exercise fro my friends who knew me before I contactedthe disease while working in Aid for US military in Afghanistan withDynCorp Intl.PAIN after every few steps while the chest is still tight.PAIN when people are asking you what is the problem and by them you can'texplain because it never happened to your family member and you don't haveI dea of how long it will last.So painfull….On Wed, 6 Jun 2018 02:24 Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, <> wrote:

  • K8sMom2002

    Onesmus, it sounds as though you are really struggling with how different your life is now than it was before your asthma diagnosis. 

    onesmus posted:
    Trying to hide the exercise fro my friends who knew me before I contactedthe disease 

    What makes you feel like you need to hide your asthma? It is hard to come to terms with a life that is different. Asthma — or any chronic illness — is a loss that we grieve. 

    But please don't feel embarrassed or ashamed about asthma! It's nothing that you chose.

    As for local help in Kenya, have you reached out to  (KAPTLD)? They may have some local assistance.

    According to their website, The Kenya Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (KAPTLD) is aquasi-professional, non-profit, reference Organization whose mission is to improve lung health in Kenya and beyond, through partnership, advocacy, research, innovation, education, training and technical support and is headquartered in Nairobi.

  • Shea

    Onesmus, I have struggled a LOT with family and friends who just do not understand the disease. I have had to leave some relationships and others I have been able to talk to and be close with and some I have a very distances relationship with. When my asthma became severe and life threatening, it became priority number one for me because I realized I want to be alive, here with my son, and he needs me. He was born with a lot of allergies to things like pet dander (that I am allergic to as well and that in my OWN youthi I ignored and downplayed because I was taught to and that worsened over time) and so many people have cats and or dogs here it was hard for me because I would struggle to breath and everyone ignored it so I tried to—but I was NOT going to do that to my son, so I had to do a lot of changing and standing up for myself after he was born and setting boundaries to get us into a dander-free home and for people to understand these are serious diseases and we are not going to suffer or die for other people's comforts (I really do not want his allergies and eczema to evolve into asthma). It is a battle (communicating asthma issues and setting boundaries) and to me it is the worse part of having asthma– feeling inferior (to use your term– which I think is accurate and possibly an effect of other people's reactions when they don't take asthma seriously or respond appropriately) and sometimes it is like people are not listening to me or valuing me and that is hurtful and makes me treat myself that way and feel less of a human for it. A turning point  for me was when I decided myself–, hey,  I value myself, I deserve to live and breathe, I love myself as I am going to treat myself appropriately despite what others think it say or do, and I am an going to make my home as safe of a place as possible for my asthma and allergic disease and my son's allergies and protect myself when I go out by finding safe places to go, bringing a mask, making sure I have my inhalers and or nebulizer. It has been 6 years of tough work for me but I am seeing progress. It has not been easy. Being connected on this group has really helped me stay strong, just talking about the day to day life in daily roll call thread or responding to posts like yours has made it less lonely and more empowering and learn practical tidbits.