Outdoor Activities and Managing Asthma and Allergies

It is that time of year when we can finally get outdoors and have some fun! 

What are some things you do to manage your asthma and allergies so you can enjoy the outdoors? How do you carry your asthma and allergy medication when you are participating in outdoor activities?


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  • LK

    The things I keep with me when I go outside even if it's just for a few minutes are my mask, rescue inhaler & spacer, handheld nebulizer, Epi-pens and cell phone.  If I am not carrying my purse,

    I carry them in this pack that I can wear across my body that keeps my hands free. 


  • Emelina

    Usually I check the pollen counts and weather before planning an outing – the thunderstorms here are super nasty so if they are in the forecast, I’ll reschedule a trip. Also if tree pollen is super high, I’ll wait for any big trips out. 

    I travel pretty light, just a mask and albuterol mdi. I’m bad and don’t take my spacer (probably should) … eep … I figure if i do get into trouble it’ll give me time to get home, where then I could neb. Hmm … maybe I’ll get an extra spacer and leave it in the car. 🧐

    this is a good thought provoking thread. Thanks Melissa