Opportunity to get a free nebulizer!

Hi everyone! I'd like to share an opportunity for our community members who are using nebulizers. AAFA has partnered with Convexity Scientific (makers of Flyp nebulizer) to help them get honest feedback about their product–and in the process, give out 20 free nebulizers to our community members!

Please read the details below carefully to see if you'd be interested in participating. If you are interested, fill out this questionnaire at  to see if you qualify! 

If you have any questions, please post them here or email me directly at . 


Information and Purpose: The program for which you are invited to participate in is a non-AAFA project that aims to collect honest feedback regarding a nebulizer device. The program is being led by Convexity Scientific, Inc., the makers of Flyp™ nebulizer. AAFA’s role in this program is to share this opportunity with qualified participants in AAFA’s patient community. You must be prescribed to use a nebulizer by your healthcare provider.

Your Participation: You will receive a free Flyp™ nebulizer and will be asked to try the device over a two-week period. In return, you will be expected to provide the following to Convexity:

  1. Five pictures of yourself using the device over the two-week trial period.
  2. One of the following “diary” options:
    • Option 1: Provide a two-week written diary of your usage of Flyp™ nebulizer as compared to your traditional inhaler/nebulizer. You will be required to write at least four (4) entries of at least 50-100 words in length detailing their experience, including positives and negatives.
    • Option 2: Record at least four (4) video diary entries over the two-week period detailing usage of Flyp™ Videos would need to be at least one (1) minute in length and produced in a quiet location. Videos can be in a variety of forms: a selfie style video or one recorded by a friend or family member.
  3. A brief post-survey to provide feedback on the product.


The most important thing is that all feedback be honest and transparent about your experience with Flyp™ nebulizer.

You may choose to discontinue your participation at any point. If you choose to do so, you will be asked to return the device.

Benefits and Risks: The benefit of your participation is to receive a free, innovative nebulizer device. Your feedback may also help improve the device in the future.

The risk of your participation is that all feedback, photos, videos, etc. will be shared with Convexity, and may be used by Convexity in public and private media channels, marketing materials, etc.

Confidentiality: By participating in this program, you are providing permission for AAFA to share your contact information with Convexity. You are also providing permission for Convexity (and AAFA) to share any user-generated content during this program.

Important note: This program is not an endorsement of Flyp™ nebulizer by AAFA. The purpose of this program is to provide devices to select participants in exchange for honest feedback and review. All materials, photos, videos, etc. you submit may be used publicly by Convexity. This is NOT a program of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. AAFA does not manufacture or sell any medical devices.


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  • K8sMom2002

    How exciting, Sanaz! I will share far and wide! I love it when folks get the opportunity to give feedback for asthma care.

  • Pljohns

    ABSOLUTELY!!!!  What a wonderful opportunity to give feedback on something we all have a lot of experience with.  

  • Pljohns

    Melissa-can’t wait!!!  If this neb works like it’s supposed to, it’s a GAME CHANGER for me-I might actually be able to carry a normal size purse again instead of one that should qualify for carry on luggage!