On-Line Grocery Shopping

I have been very hesitant to do any online grocery shopping. But yesterday I needed some specialty flours to do some baking for my dh. I woke up with a terrible headache and really didn't feel like going to the store at all. 

I got on Wegman's website to see if they did online ordering. I figured the least I could do was order online and then pick it up. Not only do they do online ordering, they also deliver!! I was able to check every single ingredient label of each item I was purchasing. My order was delivered less than an hour later. I was super impressed. 

The only downside is that it is cheaper to do your own shopping, Wegman's increases their prices when you order online. Not sure by how much. But yesterday was well worth the extra cost. 

Then last night, I did an online order with Wal-Mart. I will pick that order up this afternoon. 

Where were these services when my kids were little?! Bekah is having a rough day, so it will be nice just to have to drive to pick up groceries and not to have to actually go grocery shopping. 

Have you done the online grocery shopping? What stores? What have your experiences been? 


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  • LK

    Melissa,  It is a really nice option when you need it!

    I was using our local grocery store's online order/pick up at store system for most of last year and it went well until at Thanksgiving I couldn't find a whole turkey in the listings so I put in a special request.  When I got the receipt I was charged $52 dollars for an $18 turkey!!    Thinking it must have been mis-entered at the store I called the third party company that was handling the online ordering.  They said it was correct.  I sent them an email and got the same response.  Told them I was no longer shopping through them.  Called and talked with the store.  She said she would tell her manager.  We still shop there when we can go into the store but no longer with the online ordering.

    I have been using Walmart grocery online ordering for several months and so far it has gone quite well.  On days when I don't have the energy or breath, it is a real life saver!

  • Pljohns

    I do walmart online ordering every week and stop on the way home from work and pick it up-on days when my asthma is acting up, it's a God send!  I've not had any problems with them.  I had a coupon for free delivery for 4 times so I used it and the first time, they brought it in my house but the second time, I had to go unload it.  I had to lug it up the incline to the house and then inside.  It's way easier to just back my car in the garage and then only have steps (which the boys usually carry up for me) so i didn't do the delivery any more.  The second one wouldn't even bring it to the porch for me.  

  • Melissa G

    That is interesting about the Wal-Mart delivery Lynn. Dh brought me a coupon for 3 free deliveries. When Wegman's delivered on Wednesday morning, the gentleman brought the bags right to my door. 

    I have been really struggling with grocery shopping since Grace went to college. I just have not gotten into a good routine with grocery shopping. Dh has been going but he is going to bankrupt us eventually…. We have enough snacks to last us a month, but uumm, where is the meat? 

  • Pljohns

    I sent DH one time when I was in the hospital-even sent him my list-he sent me a picture of what was in the buggie-I think milk and bread was the only thing healthy in there-he said the check out lady ask him where the party was-

  • Melissa G

    I placed my second on-line order with Wal-Mart. I am loving this so far. I really didn't want to go shopping since  has hit our area. But we need groceries! So, after Bekah's home health nurse comes in the morning, I can run out and do the pickup. 

    For those of you who struggle with asthma/allergy triggers in stores, do you use online shopping at different stores so you are not exposed to your triggers?

  • LK
    Melissa G posted:

    For those of you who struggle with asthma/allergy triggers in stores, do you use online shopping at different stores so you are not exposed to your triggers?

    Absolutely Melissa!  

  • Shea

    I am considering it but I really enjoy walking the stores in person and I am not a list person.. I am an aisle walker and "do I need this or that" and "oooh that looks good"– sometimes things call put to me and I am not on a consistent weekly meal plan– I am a … "Man, that reminds me, I had a dream about ribs last night– I need ribs!– ooh look those ones look good". So, I just prefer to voice to the stores when I can and have them hopefully respond to my triggers and not allowing everyones pets to replace my son and I in the stores and keeping the dogs noses off the food– if I dont, who will? And they wont know to grab the bread from the back (especially if it is on a low shelf that a dog can stick its nose on). But its good to know online shopping is there and on a real bad day– Id probably use it. 


  • Melissa G

    I hear ya Shea! I have to say, at our local Wal-Mart, I have never seen any animals. And we are in there a lot.

    I did my second online order. I am loving this option. Bekah is having a rough day and it was nice to just go pick it up and come home without actually shopping. And I am keeping more to our grocery budget. 

  • LK

    Melissa,  I found that I keep more closely to my budget, too!  

  • Pljohns

    I found the same extra bonus Melissa-helps keep DH out of the store which equals staying on budget!