Off-Topic: Getting to know you …

I'm seeing lots of new "faces" around … and I'm so glad of it! I'm hoping that new folks and folks who've been around for awhile will join in and introduce themselves and play a silly little game. It's a variation of one of those ice-breaker/getting to know you things you see on the internet or at work or school …

So, hmm … here's my suggestion: I'm going to share my answers to the following questions and tag someone or a couple of someones. And then those folks (hopefully) will answer with their answers (you can copy and paste) and tag a someone or a couple of someones … which will then keep going. 

1. Favorite smell – tea olive2. Last time I cried – Christmas Night, when my sister and I cried over missing her DH whom we lost to renal cell carcinoma.3. Favorite pizza- Carrabba's4. Favorite Flower – daffodil5. Favorite cartoon – Tom & Jerry6. Untie shoes before shoes come off  People actually untie shoes??7. Roller Coasters – Not on your life. I survived one, and that was my first and last.8. Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla by Turkey Hill or Java Chip by Starbucks9. Pet peeve – when people say "between you and I." The objective pronoun error is like fingernails on a chalkboard to this ex-English college instructor.10. Shorts or jeans – Jeans — but I prefer yoga pants11. What are you listening to? The Lure of the Moonflower by Lauren Willig12. Color of your vehicle– Barcelona Red13. Color of eyes – Green14. Favorite food – chicken and dumplings … dumplings rolled out thin and flat15. Favorite Holiday – Thanksgiving — same food and people as Christmas and no presents to have to wrap16. Night owl or Morning person?  You obviously don't know me. Night owl. Definitely night owl.18. Do you have a nick name? I was Miss Statue of Liberty in high school — so dubbed by my civics/history teacher. 19. Favorite song - 20. Tattoos -  Nope and never. 

And I tag … @Pljohns and @Jen!


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  • Jen

    1. Favorite smell – love the smell of rain in the summer2. Last time I cried – last night when my ds broke a window (he has autism and was feeling frustrated – this is not the first time this has happened and we have a good window guy )3. Favorite pizza– veggie or Hawaiian

    4. Favorite Flower – tulips, Black Eyed Susans come in 2nd5. Favorite cartoon – old school? Jetsons  Newer? SpongeBob or Phinneas and Ferb6. Untie shoes before shoes come off rarely7. Roller Coasters – Yes.  Spinning rides? No.  I don't do tilt a hurl.8. Favorite Ice Cream: anything with chocolate9. Pet peeve – When people load my dishwasher the wrong way.  My house is a wreck, but 'm oddly OCD about the dishwasher.10. Shorts or jeans – shorts in the summer, leggings in the winter11. What are you listening to? Disney Channel12. Color of your vehicle– gray van and truck, brown crv13. Color of eyes – Greenish brown14. Favorite food – chocolate15. Favorite Holiday – Halloween16. Night owl or Morning person?  Night owl18. Do you have a nick name? Jen. 19. Favorite song – no favorite20. Tattoos -  No, but not opposed to getting one in the future.  I do have a belly button ring, though.

    And I tag … @RedCoog and @LK

  • Pljohns

    Favorite smell - apple pie2. Last time I cried - last night-too much to do and 2 sick guys3. Favorite pizza- silver dollar4. Favorite Flower - tulip5. Favorite cartoon - duck tails6. Untie shoes before shoes come off-  not in my lifetime7. Roller Coasters - no way on this earth!8. Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate in any form9. Pet peeve - when you tell someone you are sick, they say how sorry and immediately say "but can you do this or that for me"10. Shorts or jeans - Jeans — but I prefer yoga pants too11. What are you listening to? Bon Jovi12. Color of your vehicle- Tuxedo Black13. Color of eyes - Blue14. Favorite food - chocolate-food wise, probably cornbread and peas15. Favorite Holiday - Veterans Day-I get to thank DH for his service16. Night owl or Morning person?  Seriously morning person18. Do you have a nick name? I have 2-littlebit and lynsey or sweetie buns (DH calls me that) and I grew up with littlebit19. Favorite song - Carol of the Bells-I used to play hand bells at church and loved playing it20. Tattoos -  Nope and never-Amen!!!  Not in this life time

    And I tag @Shea and @GigiGibson

  • GigiGibson

    Favorite smell – an Oceanside breeze2. Last time I cried – a Couple hours ago, heard about a child being abused3. Favorite pizza- not a big pizza fan. Puzza hut super supreme4. Favorite Flower – hydrangea5. Favorite cartoon – don’t like cartoons either. Bugs bunny6. Untie shoes before shoes come off- Why would I do that? I’d just have to tie them again!!7. Roller Coasters – yes!!! 8. Favorite Ice Cream: Not a huge ice cream fan but I like homemade and will eat most flavors. My friend makes cherry sorbet and it’s out of This world!9. Pet peeve – not putting MY stuff back where it belongs. I should not have to search for MY new things10. Shorts or jeans – Jeans if I must but I like my sweatpants and leggings11. What are you listening to? I listen to Christian radio on pandora in the am and a mix of stations at other times, 70’s, 80’s, Prince, sia, Adele.12. Color of your vehicle- red with black stripes13. Color of eyes – Greenish blue14. Favorite food – steak15. Favorite Holiday – Christmas16. Night owl or Morning person? Late morning person, lol18. Do you have a nick name? Gigi, i grew up with bones and curveball. Mom calls me terri berry. 19. Favorite song – Too hard to choose one. Diamonds and pearls, wild horses, adore. 20. Tattoos – no, have considered but now no way

    I tag @Jen and @Mandy

  • Jen

    I already went @GigiGibson. Does that mean I get to create an alter ego and do one for her?    I've always wished I could clone myself anyway. lol

  • LK

    1. Favorite smell - Fresh baked breads or good leather!2. Last time I cried - Last week when my husband bit my head off for no reason3. Favorite pizza- Cheese and more cheese!4. Favorite Flower - Carnation5. Favorite cartoon - Speed Racer – probably really dates me!6. Untie shoes before shoes come off- Of course!7. Roller Coasters - Used to like them but way too rough now.8. Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie dough9. Pet peeve - Rude drivers, I guess rude people anywhere! 10. Shorts or jeans - Jeans, shorts when I was much younger11. What are you listening to? K-Love radio12. Color of your vehicle– Blue13. Color of eyes - Hazel14. Favorite food - Chocolate15. Favorite Holiday - Christmas, my birthday and our grandson's, too16. Night owl or Morning person? Morning18. Do you have a nick name? Not unless you count when I was a toddler and my brother had one for me!19. Favorite song - Laura Story, 'Blessings'20. Tattoos -  Nope

    I tag @lindamarie !

  • Shea

    1. Favorite smell - eucalyptus2. Last time I cried - A week ago while taking a bath and thinking about if it was in my power to get my ex to find a home for his dog and cats when we lived together and the dictor told me I could no longer live with them because my allergies were too bad and most likely part of my worsening asthma. I decided it was not in my power.3. Favorite pizza– vegetarian (love to add in veggies this way–especially peppers and onions)4. Favorite Flower - purple orchids5. Favorite cartoon - Care Bears6. Untie shoes before shoes come off– yes7. Roller Coasters - Used to, but not anymore8. Favorite Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip9. Pet peeve - Dogs in restaurants, healthcare facilities, and stores (Im severely allergic)10. Shorts or jeans - Jeans! 11. What are you listening to? Playlist on my kindle12. Color of your vehicle– Silver13. Color of eyes - Honey brown14. Favorite food - Chocolate!15. Favorite Holiday - Halloween16. Night owl or Morning person? Owl.18. Do you have a nick name? Shea-Shea Cocoa Butter, and mom  19. Favorite song - "Blue Moon" Sinatra20. Tattoos -  No

    I tag @Kathy P and @Megan Roberts ( Im not really sure if I tagged right, Ive never done it before)