Not used to urgently needing my inhaler… scary

My asthma journey started in June this year. Things are finally settling down some. I’m now on Breo Ellipta 200/25 once a day, xyzal 5 mg (but I am now taking 1/2) because I was soooo tired, and albuterol inhaler as needed every 4 hours. They found I was allergic to mold, dust mites and ragweed (which we don’t have in Oregon,yet, they said). I have an asthma doctor. I have yet to make it to one of her “I’ll see you in 6 months or I’ll see you in 6 weeks”. The longest I’ve gone is 4 weeks with a phone call in the middle to get prednisone. 

So my last visit on friday went well. All is pretty stable. One of the things I told her was that exercise bothers my asthma and causes me to cough and have SOB. She said, even with the Breo? I said, well, I haven’t really tried it out with the Breo (I’ve been a little scared to try). So, last night my DH and I went Contra Dancing (its folk dancing in a line, not a square)- it’s steady movement, definitely exertion. I did okay for the first 2 sets. At the start of the third one I was coughing a lot, struggling to breathe, breathing fast and getting scared. I didn’t want to let my dance mates down, but then decided that collapsing on the dance floor would be worse, so I stepped out for a moment and used my rescue inhaler twice. Thank goodness that worked. I was able to rejoin. 

Is this going to be the new norm for me (I was diagnosed with Moderate Persistent Asthma)? It was scary and now even a day later I’m anxious about it. 

Thanks for your input and ideas!


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  • Melissa G

    I'm not sure if you have one already, but do you have an ? Here is some information on  Are you taking your rescue inhaler before you do any physical exercise?

  • Shadowcat04

    I did get an asthma action plan, but it was pretty slim on details. It said if I drop below 360 PFM that I should use the albuterol every 4 hours until I’m back up to the green zone 360-400 PFM. If it’s 200 PFM, I should call 911 or go to the ER. It didn’t address exacerbations, but I’ve been calling in when something isn’t right and they’ve been pretty helpful. My PFM is still lower today. I’ve been at 400 and I’m at 385 today. Is that from yesterday?

  • Melissa G

    Have you talked with your allergist about trying a different antihistamine? Are you using encasings on your mattress and pillows?