Nighttime symptom control?

Hi all, 

Quick question for you all: have you all discovered tricks or tips for keeping nighttime asthma symptoms under control? I’ve been waking up more at night  and I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing. I’ll reach out to my docs tonight, but was curious if you guys have found other non pharmacologic things to help? 

Thank you! Em


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  • Melissa G

    Em, when do you take your asthma meds? What about taking a shower to rinse off the day, like pollen, before going to bed?

  • Emelina

    Hi Melissa, I take spiriva and advair in the morning and advair at night, 7:30 am and pm. Hey! That’s a good idea. I do shower off if I’m outside gardening or playing with the boys, but maybe that could help doing it every night … and getting dh to do the same. Thanks! I don’t like them, but I was thinking I’d start sinus rinsing too.

  • Melissa G

    I particularly don't like sinus rinses either, but they do help. It's amazing how much they clear out! 

  • Shea

    Good topic! Im always looking for things to help with nighttime symptoms.

    I am all about my benadryl (I take 2 every night) AND my air purifier right by my bed. If I don't take benadryl, or if– like what happened the other day the power flashes off when Im sleeping and the air purifier turns off– then I wake up more stuffy and wheezy.

    Lately my sinus pressure has been bad. I have sudafed and tylenol. And I do some pressure points I found online that seem to help me:

    I put the last pic because it helped me to visualize my sinuses when I do the pressure points. 

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Good day! Hope you all are doing well. With my COPD and asthma, I have to take precautions. Night time is the worst, and getting up out of bed is no picnic. I make sure to shower and rinse off the day's pollen and other germs, etc. If I don't shower before bed, all of the day's stuff will transfer onto my PJ's, sheets and pillowcases. NO dairy. No crumby type foods such as popcorn. Dairy produces mucus, which clogs up the airway…makes it more apt to close. Crumby foods are dry and can cause coughing, which can lead to an asthma attack. I do a maintenance neb treatment half an hour before bed. If I am not breathing well, wheezing or coughing, I use ProAir as a preventative right before I lie down. I have to use 6 pillows to prop my head up. NO open windows for me. Highway pollutants, mold and pollen from the woods and wetlands will come inside. (so could the Boogieman! 😱) Air purifier!! Also, air conditioning! Keep a bottle of water near your bedside!! Keeping hydrated is very important!!

  • K8sMom2002

    Em, were you ever able to get in touch with your doctors? 

    Love the advice you've received from Deb and Melissa and Shea about controlling the air quality of your bedroom. AAFA has a great blog post called "" 

    It's a perfect checklist to help me track down problems I might otherwise miss. 

    Quick couple of questions — are dust mites a problem for you? And if so, is it time to maybe replace your pillow?

    The blog post had this eye-opening stat …

    • Replace your pillows every two years. After two years, 10% of the weight of your pillow can be from dead dust mites and their droppings. You can’t see them, but they are there. (Emphasis mine)
  • Shea

    Thank you Debbie and Cynthia for the excellent reminders. 

    I am going to try to work on my feet and push different pressure points. I found this diagram. Alot of tines my mind is racing and holding pressure points at least gets me to relax and focus on how I am feeling.. And at most hopefully they will help!

  • dory2005

    My asthma is always worse at night, but my pulmo said that is very common, so I try to do preventative measures as well. Changing sheets once a week, keeping an air purifier in my bedroom (we have 2 in our bedroom), etc… I also shower at night and also neb before bed. I'm with Deborah as well– I sleep with about 4-5 pillows. I still have to neb around 2-3 AM most nights, but I'm so much better than I was! I really think that the air purifiers help a lot.  

  • Emelina

    Melissa, thanks for the reminder to shower off before bed! 

    Shea, I like the antihistamine idea before bed. Thanks for the diagrams and pressure points! 

    Debbie, thanks for all of the great points. Didn’t think about the effects of dairy! I like the idea of adding more pillows. 

    Cynthia, thanks for the blog link! Oh my! 10% of weight = dust mites. Yep dust mites and I don’t like each other. Allergy test + to both types. Whoa! Time to go pillow shopping. Still playing phone tag with my docs.

    Dory, thanks for your tips. A neb before bed has been helping.

    thank you all for your wisdom!

  • Emelina

    Hi Melissa, thanks for the check in. I’ve been working on showering before bed, changed out the sheets and pillows, and started a new antihistamine/antiemetic combo at night to help the tummy and allergies. I’m getting over another virus, but I’m hopeful these changes will help.

  • Wheezy Me

    Em, my only addition is posture. I find it easier to breathe at night if I lie on my belly or side than when lying on my back. I also use my nasal spray before bedtime to prevent a lot of secretions from forming.

    I hope the changes help too!

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Yes! Hey Em!!! I hope you are feeling better! Sending miles of smiles your way!! 😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😀☺😍😘