New Year’s Eve Plans

Where has 2018 gone?! I can hardly believe that New Years's Eve is tomorrow! 

Do you have any special plans?

We always get together with friends. This year my best friend is hosting. We will be having an assortment of appetizers. We typically eat and play games. The kids have a blast. We never stay til midnight, I am too old for that! I want to be in bed! My kids will come home and stay up to watch the ball drop. 


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  • dory2005

    DH is taking DS back to Dollywood tomorrow, and I will stay home. I'm feeling better, but I'm not 100%, and I know my limits. I'm planning on going to Barnes and Nobles to spend a Christmas gift card, and then I'm taking my older son out for lunch. DH and DS will probably get back late, so I'll probably stay up reading a new book. 

  • Melissa G

    Oohh, Barnes and Nobles…I can't let my dh or Bekah go in there very often, we would go broke! Bekah can spend hours in there. Where are you going to go for lunch? 

  • dory2005

    I have a gift card for Outback, and I love their French onion soup and house salad, so we will probably go there. It'll be nice to have some time with my older son, too. 

  • Melissa G

    I enjoy spending one on one time with the kids. I like the bloomin' onion from Outback! And their fresh baked bread…now I'm hungry. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Hmmm … my DD is planning on spending the night with a group of girls — one of her friends recently moved to Tennessee and she's back down visiting. So all of the girls want to spend the night together. 

    As for me, I started the day out inspecting dirty clothes hampers and putting a load of clothes on. My mom was always extremely superstitious about NOT washing clothes on New Years Day. On the morning of New Year's Eve, when she was alive, she would call me first thing to remind me to wash ALL my clothes. I don't believe in it — but it makes me feel closer to my mom to keep up the tradition. 

    Besides … it means you're starting the new year with empty laundry baskets! What's so bad about that?

    Tonight, since it will be just me and DH, not sure what we'll have. We were supposed to have meatball sliders, but he is not a fan of Italian food. So … hmmm … I may turn the meatball sliders into hamburger steak and mashed potatoes and make him feel a bit special. 

  • Pljohns

    since DH and I are both sick, tonight will be on the couch just watching some TV and relaxing.  MIL is bringing over chicken and dumplings for us for dinner.  I'm sure the kids will spend it playing games on their computers.

  • Deborah Bartlett

    We don't go out at night anymore. I am on a medication schedule that makes it so I am better off staying home at night. Alot of drunk drivers on the road tonight. 🙏 I have some meatballs and sauce in the freezer. I will make meatball parm grinders. I have a loaf of Italian bread and shredded mozzarella. My breathing leaves something to be desired today due to the weather. I do not mind being at home!!!! 

  • Breatheeasy

    I moved in with my parents. I can hardly do anything due to food allergies now-a-days. I’ll be home with my daughter just trying to get some sleep while my parents are out partying.

    This is the first one after my diagnosis. I kinda don’t want to go out and tire myself out. 

  • Melissa G

    Deborah the meatball grinders sound really good! 

    Breatheeasy, I hope you and your daughter had a great night.