New to the Forum, not so much astma

Hi everyone!

After struggling with repeated respiratory infections from my late 20's to now, I finally changed PCP's about two or three years ago, when I asked the previous PCP why I kept getting sick "like this" and, you all ready for this?…he literally lifted his hands and shrugged his shoulders! I was done at that point.

Within one year of seeing my new PCP, a my pattern was recognized and I was sent for asthma testing.  Yep, you have asthma.  After about a year and a half of trying to help me with various allergy meds and asthma meds, my PCP decided it was time to refer me to an allergy/asthma specialist as the asthma remained uncontrolled.

In October 2016, I was diagnosed as allergic to just about everything that causes allergic rhinitus, which was a huge contributor to the uncontrolled asthma.  I also have food sentivities which I have learned are related to whole picture.

I began weekly allergy shots in October but they are currently on hold.  I've been on/off antibiotics since the end of the December for a stubborn sinus infection that is in turn triggering the asthma. 

We've followed most of the recommendations for making our home more allergy/asthma friendly with the exception of those we just cannot afford at this point, such as removing all the carpet and laying laminate or other types of flooring.

Anyway, I'm fairly new to this.  I've been looking for a place like this to meet others with similar experiences, as well as learn. 

Best Regards,





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  • Kathy P

    Welcome Laura! Your story is very similar to mine. I was always sick, but initial allergy testing showed nothing. Many more years went by being sick every winter and winding up with bronchitis a couple times a year. These days, I test positive to just about everything and have been on and off shots over the years. In fact, I'm having new testing done tomorrow so we can see if tweaking my serum can help. I'm hoping so since things have been really poorly controlled since fall.

    I'm glad you changed docs and were able to get a diagnosis. Knowing what you are dealing with is half the battle!

    What changes have you made in your house that have helped? We have a couple topics on cleaning:

  • Laura Jeanne

    Thank you Kathy!

    Some years ago, I puchased a Simplicity Canister Vacuum, on sale.  It has a HEPA filter plus the bags are also hypoallergenic as well.  

    I'm working on the less is more theory; the less I have sitting around, the more inclined my family is to assist me with vacuuming. I vacuum dust away from furnture, following up with Pledge or Murphy's Oil Soap wipes.  I don't use te wipes often as the scent bothers me. 

    Which begs the question… Why does everything have to be so HEAVILY scented?  

    I've been using a mildly watered down vinegar for cleaning.  Lysol wipes in a pinch, again the scent. 

    Although, I wear a mask for vacuuming and cleaning, I have been very blessed with a hubby and sons who step in on a regular basis.  I'm learning to do the things I can do, which is usually the little stuff they don't see anyway, as a way to keep up my end of the "deal". TeamWork seems to be working thus far.

    I have a Air purifier in the living room and my bedroom.  A cool mist humdifier in the bedroom for night time.  Curious, has anyone installed a whole house purfication system to their HVAC units, and if so, how has it been working out for you?

    Oh, and my penchant for stuffing things under my bed has come to an end.  My mother would be pleased!



  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, Laura — gave you some suggestions on your other thread, but I'll here, too.

    Heavily scented products are a nightmare for me — and I particularly hate it when I find a product that doesn't bother me, only to have the company "improve" the product by giving it a "fresh new scent." Ugh.

    For cleaning products, I use:

    • peroxide in a spray bottle and other DIY cleaners
    • newspaper for cleaning glass instead of Windex
    • a steam mop that only requires plain water
    • damp microfiber cloths for dusting. 
    • my Roomba for daily vacs and then my big HEPA filter upright vacuum that was certified by the the .

    I, too, can't afford to rip out the carpet in our bedrooms. I've got to follow your example and stop using under my bed as a storage area. 

  • Kathy P

    I've been slowly discontinuing the use of scented stuff. I mainly use vinegar/water/alcohol in a spray bottle. I have a stash of washable microfiber cloths that I use on a Swiffer mop or just as a dust rag.

    I really need to do something about under the bed. I got rid of most of the stuff, but I do have the extra boards for my dining room table under there. I can easily get under there with the dust mop though, so I just have to remember to do it!

    Has anyone tried a dust ruffle on their bed? Does that help keep things cleaner under there? I had bought fabric and planned to make one, but never got around to it 

  • Laura Jeanne

    For me the dust ruffle was not a good option….out of sight, out of mind = more stuff being stuffed! 

  • Shalom17

    Welcome Laura, glad to hear you took charge of your health and got a second opinion. 

  • Kathy P

    Hmmm….I don't think a dust ruffle would encourage me to stash more stuff under there. I just don't know if it would have any real impact on there being less dust build up. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Kathy P, a dust ruffle is just more cloth for mites to hide in.

    And like Laura Jeanne says, outta sight, outta mind. I do have a dust ruffle on both my DD's bed and our bed, and it hides a multitude of sins, dust being just one of them.

    Dust ruffles don't come all the way down to the floor, though. A dust ruffle, I think, must be to hide the dust under the bed, because I still have lots of dust under there collecting on the stuff I have stored. The only way I don't have dust? Is if it's completely clear, and I send Roomba under the bed every. single. day.

    Remember that hotels generally have beds that have their undersides walled off — only a toe-kick. That's so they DON'T have to dust. So if a hotel would have to dust even with dust ruffles and without junk under the bed, then dust must just gather where it will. 

    Laura Jeanne, how's that stubborn old sinus infection? Have you checked out the thread on ?

  • Kathy P
    K8sMom2002 posted:

    Remember that hotels generally have beds that have their undersides walled off — only a toe-kick. That's so they DON'T have to dust.

    LOL I've always figured that was so stuff didn't get lost under the bed! I can't tell you how many things we've lost under hotel beds over the years

    Maybe I just need to look at the rechargeable floor duster someone mentioned.

  • K8sMom2002

    Well, that, too!  

    Kathy P, are you talking about the   that I mentioned in my thread? It's less than 30 bucks, so it could be a cheaper alternative to a Roomba. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Laura Jeanne, are you still suffering with a sinus infection? Hope the nasal rinses are helping!

    Kathy P, did you ever get the O Cedar Robotic Floor Cleaner? I'm wondering how it works …

  • Kathy P

    I got it, haven't really used it yet! But now that I've , I have hope that it will help keep things cleaner. The biggest caveat is having to secure cords and stuff so they can't get caught and pull things down.

  • Laura Jeanne


    Feeling much better. The sinus rinse is definitely a plus. 

    Thank you for asking.  Means a lot. 


  • Kathy P

    Glad the sinus rinses help. They are a staple in my arsenal against congestion!

  • K8sMom2002

    Laura Jeanne, yay on the sinus rinses helping! What's your favorite clutter buster techniques to help you live the "less is more" lifestyle? I really, really find myself holding onto things because "well, I may need it." 

    Is there a question you ask yourself as you're holding something that you're debating about?

    And how do you encourage your DH and the rest of your family to help you with vacuuming, etc.? 

    Why, yeah, I'm looking for some magical words!

    Kathy P, keeping the cords out of the way is the kicker with the Roomba. Also, I made the switch to either eliminate a rug (in my dining room) or swap rugs out that don't have fringe on them. Roomba tends to get choked up on those. 

  • Laura Jeanne

    Good questions. 

    If I have not used it within the year, out it goes. 

    I cleaned my closet of clothes I didn't wear last year; I noticed today, I need to weed out some more

    It helps if I can give those things to people I know might use them. Family friends etc. I grew up in a family that shared clothing amongst the children.  Even my daughter wore some of the clothing! And I have pictures of her in clothing my mother made for me as a baby. 

    Papers and the like I generally end up with a pile I like to go through about once a month or so. If I can't remember why I saved it, trash. If I no longer need it, trash. 

    As for knick/knacky things and heirlooms type things, I purchased a small curio cabinet about 7-10 years ago. Funny thing is that at the time I bought it, it was because I didn't have the time to dust around them all. Plus dusting made me sneeze. 

    One of the phrases I use is, less truly is more  More space  More time to do the things I want to do instead of cleaning. 

    My biggest pet peeve… losing things.  Seriously, I hate that. For my own sanity, things are put away. If there is no place to put them cause the cupboards full or the closet is full, I used to shove under my bed. ������ I have yet to finish the you have allergies and asthma clean your house diagnosis clean up.  Winter arrived. And my attic/crawl spaces…oh the horror, there are baby clothes (30-32 years old), college textbooks, fat/skinny/fat/skinny clothes.  

    I live with 3 males who are much more laid back. Why yes, I think I will use this pan tomorrow so I will just wash it and sit it on the stove. Hang up my coat? But I'm just going to wear it in the morning! 

    It's a bit of give and take. As for hubby vacuuming, he is home right now due to rotator cuff surgery, so he does it. BUT, it can still be a struggle for him and my sons to understand that just because they can't SEE the dirt that vacuuming still needs done

    I have a mask, got it at the hardware store. It is rated N95 & is good for dust/pollen particulates, for housecleaning & the upcoming spring pollen season.

    It's an ongoing process that will never be just done. Guess that's why it's called a process… sigh.  





  • Kathy P

    Cleaning is my nemesis! Last weekend, we did a deep clean of our bedroom. That involved clearing out all the piles of clutter. You can't clean clutter! Some just got moved to other rooms, but most got dealt with to be tossed or donated. The dust bunnies under the bed and the dressers got cleaned out and the floor got wet mopped really well. And I do notice a difference when I keep the dust under control in there. I need to tackle my office next. There are piles all over that need to be put away or tossed.

  • Jen

    Clutter is most definitely my nemesis.  I've managed to keep it under pretty good control in my bedroom.  I got my bedroom all organized (finally) after we moved back in September.  I try to go through at least once a week to put away random things that are just laying around.  I do ok in the kitchen, though that does seem to be the landing place for paperwork.  I need to come up with a paperwork system for our new house.

  • K8sMom2002

    Ah, yes, paper is always a problem, Kathy P. 

    One thing I hope to continue to do is to make things easier to maintain. Like Kathy P said, you can't clean clutter. But I hate things that "make work" … rugs, for instance, or items that have lots of curlicues or frou-frous that collect dust in all those crevices.

    For instance, I have louvered bi-fold doors on our closet doors — I really hate the way that it collects dust and there's no easy way to clean them. Oh, for paneled doors!

    I discarded my rug in my dining room, and I have minimal draperies in my house — I also work hard to minimize horizontal surfaces and knick-knacks.

    My hope? To one day to achieve a Zen-like bareness!