New Research: Many parents of preschool-age children unprepared to treat child’s asthma

A new study published in the August 7th online edition of Pediatrics shows that many parents of preschool-age children are unprepared to treat their child's asthma. 

Only about half the parents of asthmatic preschoolers had the right knowledge and medicines on hand to treat their child's breathing condition at home, a new study found.

And one-third of those children had empty inhalers, the researchers reported.

"The inability to treat asthma could lead to emergency department visits," explained senior study author Michelle Eakin, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.

Do you and your child receive asthma-related patient education from your health care provider?  If yes, what kind?

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  • Melissa G

    I can relate to this. When Bekah was dx'd we had little to no training with her inhalers. And our previous dr didn't treat her asthma aggressively enough. We landed in the ER way too many times. Our current dr made sure we knew how to use the inhalers, knew when to give them and we had a much more detailed asthma action plan. 

    It is so hard when they are younger and can't voice how they are feeling and what their symptoms are.