New medication no more Spiriva .

Does anyone use incruse Ellipta or Tudorza Pressair ? My insurance after three years decided they don’t want to cover Spiriva anymore . Got to love when they randomly do that .


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  • Emelina

    Ugh Benr! I don’t have experience with either but wanted to send you a that’s so frustrating when insurance companies want to play md 😡

  • K8sMom2002

    Ugh, Ben! Is there a way you can appeal that decision? Sometimes when a doc can write a letter explaining that a person's asthma is stable on this current medication, insurance companies will consider granting an exception or a waiver. 

    Which medication does your doctor or your pharmacist think will work in the most similar way?

  • BenR

    On the plus side I have two more medication inhalers . I emailed my doctor to see what she thinks.  Maybe she I’ll write a waiver . I’ll have to see. I’m betting the company jacked up the price . I have five friends that this happened to . Though on a plus side  this happened  to me years ago with dulera and then got me to start taking symbicort. Which I like better.

  • Kathy P

    Ugh, that's really frustrating! I had the same thing happen recently with one of my inhalers. I prefer the Respiclick version, but that's no longer covered…so back to HFA.

  • LK

    I was on Spiriva Respimat a few years ago and was paying for it out of pocket.  Decided to try the Incruse Ellipta since it was on our insurance formulary.  They didn't actually cover it but it counted towards our deductible, if I remember correctly.  Had to go back to Spiriva Respimat after a few months.  For me, the Incruse just didn't work as well.

    Currently I get Spiriva Respimat samples from my pulmo.  Could you ask your doctor if he has samples you could use?  I just call when I am getting low and my pulmo's nurse sets them aside for me to pick up.