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I have SEVERAL nebs-I can’t use inhalers at all.  There is something in the propellent that my lungs don’t like and when the albuterol stops an asthma attack, the propellent starts another one at the same time.  I have everything from the big ol’ Pari like a lot of doctors office have down to 3 portable and 2 ultrasonic.  My portable one is my main one unless I’m doing nebs around the clock.  It’s a Pari TrekS with the battery pack.  I’ve got 3-actually 2 (I still have my original one that is 8 years old and the switch is wearing out on it-that’s why I replaced it).  i can’t say enough good about them-they are good reliable nebs, not too loud and the battery pack makes it totally portable. I have one of them that I keep in my car too. They are great if you are doing 3-4 nebs a day.  They aren’t meant to carry a load like every 3-4 hours every day.  I love it because I can tuck it under my arm and go about the house doing whatever I need to.

 I have an ultrasonic one (Omron) that I have carried in my purse for several years.  It is TOTALLY quiet-can’t hear it at all. It’s a bit slower than the TrekS but in a meeting, it’s a GOd send because I can use it and no one ever knows it.  It’s about the size of a sunglass case.  It’s also easily to get confused with a VAPE pipe or apparently a crack pipe. Years ago, I was in the mall with my kids eating lunch in the food court and needed my neb.  Whipped out the ultrasonic one and was sitting there using it when the cops showed up.  Seems some idiot called them and told them there was a lady in the food court with 2 small kids smoking crack!  Once I explained, the cops thought it was the funnies thing they’d ever heard.  After I did some educating with the guy that called them, I blessed him out.  I was finning in at another PT clinic a year or so ago and was using it when the PT came and said “I didn’t know you vaped”.  I had some educating to do there too.  He and I still laugh about it-  Unfortunately both experiences left me too afraid to use them in public until recently.  I’ve had it 8 years and it’s giving me some trouble-it’s worn out-so at the moment, I’m testing one for AAFA that’s called a Flyp.  It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, totally quiet and quick to use. So far, I LOVE it.  It’s been a game changer for me becuase I can now have a normal person size purse instead of one that’s about the size of carry on luggage because of a neb.  The company that makes the flyp is new and they have some issues to work out with it-it’s not perfect-but size wise and use wise, it’s a game changer for me.  

I get all of my nebs from I’ve used them for years and have always been pleased.  Good prices, GREAT customer support and they ship fast.  I found a TrekS about $20 cheaper one time, bought it, it took 5 weeks to get it and when it came in, the box was destroyed and covered in dust.  It looked like someone had had it on a shelf for a LONG time.  It took forever to get it returned-it didn’t work when I got it-so I never again bought anything form anywhere else.  

I didn’t mean to go on so much about nebs-I’ve tried a lot of different ones over the years and have a good bit of experience with them all.  There are smaller portable ones with battery pack (I bought a Phillips once) but it was LOUD, had some funky charger and didn’t use standard mouth pieces.  I didn’t keep it long before I went back to my Pari.  The pari’s are expensive (the TrekS with battery pack is about $190) but they are worth every penny.  The two ultrasonic are about the same price and the Omron I can say for sure is worth it-I’ve had mine 8 years and only in the last few months has started giving me issues.  It runs on 2 AA batteries and the case has enough room you can keep a spare set of batteries with you.  

In the long run for me-since I can’t use inhalers-I have nebs everywhere and I have to have something that still works when there is no power or if I get stuck in traffic or basicallly EVERYWHERE.  

Hope I’ve helped some!


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  • Melissa G

    This has helped a lot. We have a "big" nebulizer, than a pari trek for travel. Bekah can't take any cold medications so if she gets congested we neb her with saline, that really helps her. 

    Thanks for sharing! 

  • K8sMom2002

    Thanks, Lynn! I know lots of members use nebs and may be like my dad and "tied down" because they only think they can get the one big plug-in neb to use at home. 

    I've tried to encourage my dad to explore portable nebs (he's like you and finds they work better for him). But so far he's been worried that the smaller neb won't have the "oomph" that the big clunky one has. I worry that he may need a neb on the go — and they do stay on the road a LOT. I'm going to share the brands that have worked for you and that website … hopefully he will at least have a back-up portable neb.

    Glad the Flyp is working out! I hope they get any kinks worked out and it will be available at a reasonable price. If it works for you, it may work for my dad as well!

  • K8sMom2002

    Melissa, just curious — how do you neb with the saline for colds? Is it with a mask? 

    Just wondering if it would be something to mention to DD's doc — her team is sort of at a loss as to what to do for her chronic congestion. She can't take nasal sprays with steroids, the antihistamine spray doesn't really seem to help, and we already do nasal saline twice a day, and Zyrtec twice a day. The Singulair didn't seem to make much of a difference, either, and now her hem/onc says that's out due to the bleeding disorder.

  • Pljohns

    Cynthia-I can't say enough good about the Pari TrekS.  It does take a bit longer to do a treatment than the huge plug in ones but not ,much longer at all and the battery pack is a wonderful thing.  My original one has lasted 8 years using it a min of twice a day and as much as every 4 hours for a lot of day.  the ultrasonic's are good too-a bit slower and a bit more "fragile" but if you need a small neb, that are great too.  Hope he finds one that he's comfortable with that works well for him.

  • Melissa G

    Cynthia, yep, with the mask. When Bekah was younger and she was sick, using albuterol via spacer just didn't work. We always nebbed with a face mask. then when we couldn't find any safe otc cold medications, the dr suggested we neb with saline. And it really helps her.