question is, if i have taken naproxen in the past for back pain without any problems with my asthma can i feel secure in taking it again? when i took it before i was not aware of any connection to asthma. since naproxen is an anti-inflammatory can it help with the inflammation caused by asthma? thanks    


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  • Deborah Bartlett

    Hello. If you are taking medications, I believe it is a good idea to give your doctor a call, or your pharmacy manager, and ask if it is safe to take.

  • K8sMom2002

    Welcome to posting, Woody! I agree with Deb … double-checking your meds with your doctor and your pharmacist is always a good idea. Sometimes it's not necessarily the disorders that you manage but the medications that you take for those disorders that can not mix well with other meds.

    Some people's asthma can be affected by NSAIDs. My mom was one of those. But not everyone who has asthma has to avoid NSAIDs. That's why Deb's advice to check with your doctor and your pharmacist is really good. 

    I hope you can continue to use naproxen … for me, it's a great pain reliever for all manner of body aches, and I'm lucky in that it does not cause problems with my asthma.

    As far as your question about whether NSAIDs' anti-inflammatory properties can help asthma … that's a good question for a board-certified allergist. You can submit your question to AAFA's free Ask the Allergist™ service.  Just fill out this , and a board-certified allergist will reply within a couple of weeks. 

  • Melissa G

    Hi Woody! Welcome to the AAFA forums! 

    That is a great question. I agree with the others, definitely something to chat with your doctor about. 

    Is there anything else we can help you with?

  • woody

    it's been manageable without use of nsaids, i did however use aleve for a week a long time ago with no adverse asthma related reactions. i will ck with my dr before i use it again however just to be sure, thanks for asking.