Moving from pediatric allergist to adult allergist?

So DD is a — gulp — high school senior this year. Next year she'll be heading off to college. We'll be seeing her beloved allergist next week, and one of the topics on my Top 3 list of questions is … "Now that we found you, please, please, can we keep you??"

We love her allergist, but I have to face the facts that eventually, sooner rather than later, DD will have to move to another allergist. 

For one thing, she'll be in college, and it may be hard to keep appointments if her college is a significant distance away from her current doctor. That's actually part of our calculations on choosing a college — how many days of class she'd miss to have her specialists' appointments.

For another, eventually she'll age out of the Children's Hospital that her doc is now a part of.

I'm planning on bringing all this up to our allergist at the visit. I know what her allergist will say … "We have a great university RIGHT here — just c'mon over!" She's been trying to talk DD into a career as an allergist and/or coming to the university that's connected with the teaching hospital for YEARS.

Unfortunately for a number of different reasons, the college isn't a great fit for DD's particular situation — she has food allergies, and none of the freshmen dorms are apartment style with kitchens. Also, the campus is split, and the freshmen dorms are a long shuttle ride away from the campus where most of the undergrad classes are. Otherwise, it's a great school.

So in all likelihood, we'll send her off to a different college or university. We need a plan in place, and I'm sure our allergist will have good advice.

But in the meantime, for those of you who have had asthma since childhood or who have adult or college-aged children who grew up with asthma, how did you make that transition?


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  • LK

    I wish you luck, Cynthia.  It was difficult enough when our kids changed from a regular pediatrician to a regular primary care physician!  

  • Melissa G

    A lot of our specialists see kids until they are 21. For Grace the geneticist will see her forever and makes sure her appts are in the summer so it doesn't interfere with school.

  • K8sMom2002

    Well, I have GREAT news! We saw her allergist yesterday, and her doc told us she's been following many of her patients well into adulthood. They don't kick them out!


  • Kathy P

    That's awesome! We never had a specific peds allergist, so we haven't had to deal with switching that one. Just the PCP. And we just got a notification that the one we switched T to is leaving already. Ugh !

  • LK

    Drats, Kathy!  Hope you are able to find a good, new one soon!

  • Kathy P

    He only saw him once about a year ago just to establish a non peds PCP. Most of the time he needs to be seen for being sick which would be either allergist or ENT. Which reminds me, he may be do for a sinus scan. 

  • Melissa G

    neil struggled finding a GP because he sees Endo every three months and pulmo every 6 mths. He said why did he need another dr…. We finally found a nurse practitioner that the endo recommended. But it took me a while to convince him to make him an appt. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Argh, Kathy, hope T finds one. Does the health center/infirmary at his college offer primary care services? 

    Melissa, glad that Neil has a safe harbor in a storm — nothing worse than getting sick with something that is acute but NOT one of your usual illnesses and your usual specialists not being able to fit you in!

    Our hem/onc advocacy organization is really big on adult transitions, and they have already assured me that they are ready to reach out to any Hemophilia Treatment Center in the US to help pave the way for DD. That's nice to know!