Mold in rental properties

I just read a news article about a new bill in D.C. that would help tenants get their units inspected for mold and get it remediated. If approved it would require the District's housing inspectors to be trained to inspect for molds. It would permit inspectors to cite landlords for mold, and fine them if it is not remediate in a timely manner, (permitting extensions if they make “good faith efforts” or the mold is so serious that it would take more than 30 days to treat it.) The article is here:

I think this is a good step in helping renters, because molds can be so detrimental to health, especially to those with asthma and allergy. This article points out it is often the low-income people who suffer the most, and it is upsetting. I have had issues with molds in my elementary school in Florida (a lot of kids including me got sick and it took years after I left before it got bad enough they closed the school), also I had an issue at a place of business–learning the emp!others were telling untrained employees to clean up black molds and knowing there was mold caused by leaks and not even informing anyone, and I eventually reported it to the state, and am surprised at how little protection we have from mold issues here in Florida. I also suspected mold in a rental but felt I had no protection as a renter in getting it inspected. I am hoping more states approve bills like D.C. to help deal with the issue. 



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