I have had this test done before but it was stopped too soon. Because I continue to have atypical symptoms, there is a need for it to be done again. So I am wondering what are your thoughts and experiences with having done it? Did it cause you to decline after? Was there anything you did before or after that helped with being off your meds and having it done? The last time it caused me to decline in that my symptoms were more difficult to control and it took me weeks to recover. Any insights and experiences are greatly appreciated!


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  • K8sMom2002

    Hugs, Mandy … DD's never had to go through the methacholine challenge (and neither have I, for that matter), but she did have to stop all her meds prior to her food allergy and environmental allergy skin prick testing. It's usually a familiar path for this kid: environmental allergies trigger sinus infection, which triggers PND, which triggers asthma flare, which triggers bronchitis and super BAD asthma flare.

    One thing that her allergist suggested for her was a nasal neb to reduce her nasal congestion. I'd never heard of a nasal neb before then — but it's kind of what it sounds like: a solution that's jetted into the nasal passages — kind of like a high powered saline wash.

    How long will you have to be off your meds before the challenge? What's the usual pattern of how your symptoms roll out? Is there any other way to get ahead of it? 

  • K8sMom2002

    Here's a (it's a section on a wider article about PFT in general.) It's kind of science-y, but you're in the medical field, so you probably will be able to read and understand it better than me. I would read over it and use it as a launching pad to help you discuss this with your doctor. 

  • Shea

    I have never done it. It would masks me nervous too! Saline washes/ nasal sprays seem like a good idea, as well as gargling with warm salt water at night, and taking extra C vitamins. When I have to try go down on prednisone next time, I am going to do those things. My doctor once said my nebulizer might help my breathing just because the clean humid air is good to breathe, so I am thinking of nightly warm steams in the shower (using the shower head that filters out chlorine–you can get at ace hardware) with eucalyptus epson salt (I like Dr. Teals brand, you can get it at CVS/walgreens) just to clear my sinuses and get some good breaths in. 

  • K8sMom2002

    Mandy, Shea has a good point — ask your doctor if he thinks UN-medicated nebs might help — just the saline. 

  • Jen

    @Mandy What did you and your doctor decide about the methacholine challenge?

  • Pljohns

    The next to the last time I was in the hospital, the pulmo ordered an updraft cool mist humidifier and what a difference it made!  It was a pain to sleep in but I could actually breathe and when resp therapy would come in to do treatments in the middle of the night, they could just put them in mid tubing and I never woke up.  I got some rest and got better much more quickly.  I've been looking for a handheld one since then and haven't had any luck.  Hot steam causes me problems but the cool mist one was wonderful~

  • Mandy

    I will keep that in mind! I see him next week and I'm sure we will discuss what to do. I've sent him a series of emails but I get why he wants to discuss this in person.

  • K8sMom2002

    Hopefully the emails will serve as a prompt to help guide the conversation … can't wait to hear what your doctor's thoughts are.