Men’s Hygiene Products

hi guys,

So with this recent diagnosis one of the changes we have made in our house hold is try to eliminate as many toxic, fragrance products. The irony, I'm still using men's hygiene products that have strong scents. I don't know if they are affecting me, but I would like to eliminate these as well!


are there any guys here that have made changes to their deodorants, shampoos, etc?

brands recommended would be great!



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  • Jen

    Sounds like that might be a good change.  What brands are you currently using?

  • RedCoog

    Old spice and head & shoulders.

    i read somewhere about a brand called Crystals. They use salts and other mineral, anyone use these?

  • K8sMom2002

    My DH has had to swap antiperspirants several times due to a dermatitis to several traditional men's deodorants. He currently uses the original scent of regular Dove underarm antiperspirant (he does feel envy that he's not been able to tolerate a more manly antiperspirant) … and no cologne or aftershave (my asthma can't stand any brand he tries). 

    Our rule is if my lungs don't protest, we can continue to use it — like Gain, which has a notoriously strong scent but it doesn't bother me. It's the one detergent that doesn't break DH out AND that I can tolerate (at least the original scent.)

    DD uses Head and Shoulders once a week to help prevent dandruff. 

    We use Dove shampoo and conditioner as well for the regular hair washing. 

    I will say that Old Spice is particularly bad for me. 

  • RedCoog

    Hi @Jen,

    i found a deodorant by schmidts. It's fragrance free, and all natural ingredients. Day 3 and it seams to be working. Only thing is that it's wax based so it leaves a bit of residue.

    i feel more comfortable to wearing a strong sent deodorant! 

    Now I have to find shampoo lol!

  • Kathy P

    Wax based sounds kind of interesting. Is it leaving residue on your clothes or just your skin?How long is your hair? I know some guys with fairly short hair that just use the same bar soap.

  • Vegcook

    I am not a man, but my deodorant of choice is not gender specific.  For about 10 years, I have just used baking soda.  As for shampoos, my dermatologist gave me short a list of great products to help manage my sensitive skin.  AFM Safe Choice shampoo is very effective, and a little bit goes a long way.  Free & Clear and Vanicream products are also great.  You can find some of them at stores like Walmart and the big chain drug stores, or order from National Allergy.  CeraVe and Neurtigena also make some fragrance free products that are very gentle.

  • CFL2010

    I tried Crystals deoderant for over a month but it did not work well and people let me know it. 

  • Kathy P

    Welcome to posting CFL2010. I've heard of the crystals and even looked at it. But never tried it. Sounds like it might have lead to some awkward situations for you!

  • K8sMom2002

    @CFL2010, ouch on the deodorant not working — is it the scent of deodorant that makes it hard for you?

    I'm seeing more and more unscented options popping up on the shelves — like , which is listed on their website as unscented. 

    Speedstick used to have an unscented antiperspirant — but I don't see it listed on their website. 

  • Pljohns

    Sure makes and unscented in ladies deodorant but not sure about mens.  I've managed to find almost everything in unscented-even sunscreen SPF60-My DH uses the Dove body wash for sensitive skin and it does have a scent, but it's not too strong and hasn't bothered me.

  • Vegcook

    Unscented products are allowed to use essential oils, which can be an issue for some of us.  Fragrance free is the best choice if scent is an issue for you.


  • Jen

    @CFL2010 Welcome to posting!  Were you able to find a deodorant that works and doesn't bother you?

  • RedCoog

    So funny story; after reading this thread, I asked my DW if I smelled any different and she told me I was a bit more stinky lately!!! I've been using the fragrance free deodorant for about a week now.

    the scents don't affect me per say, but I'm trying to take as many harmful things out of our life. I figure some of this may be additive so they all may affect a tiny bit; we all know how every bit of relief helps! 

    I may try a few other deodorants to try!


  • K8sMom2002

    Yikes, RedCoog! I hope you can find something that works … and I also hope your wife was diplomatic about it at least!

    I can understand why you would want to decrease your exposure to harmful things. One thing to consider is that the reason we have an odor is that bacteria breeds there. So maybe you could do periodic wash-ups during the day?