Memorial Day Weekend Plans

What is everyone up to this weekend?  

We are mostly just relaxing at home.  I have worked on my to do list a bit.  We have also been watching some college lacrosse games – both Maryland Men and Women made it to the championship game!!  So…looks like we'll be watching again tomorrow (women) and Monday (men). 

What plans do you have this weekend and how will you manage your asthma?


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  • Shea

    Tommy and I went to my parent's house last night and played board games. Tommy has been into ghosts and the wii game Luigi's Mansion, so we made a board game with those themes earlier and brought it over. It was fun playing it with everyone, and Tommy won so he was very happy (he defeated ghosts, won treasures, and freed the fortune teller). Then we played The Nightmare Before Christmas version of the game Clue, and I won, so that was fun (I figured out it was Jack the Pumpkin King who kidnapped Santa Clause with Frog's Breath in the Cemetary). 

    Saturday Tommy, and my dad, and I went to the beach, and that was really fun. It was THE perfect beach weather, and we made sand castles, walked along the shore, hopped on rocks, and played beach ball. 

    Today I started my prednisone taper, just 1 mg less than before, so slow and steady. 

  • Kathy P

    That sounds like an awesome version on clue! Fingers crossed on the taper.Hanging at Starbucks at the moment on the tail end of our bike ride. Yesterday went great, so I had high hopes for today. Yeah, asthma had other plans. I could not shake the anaconda tightening around my chest with every turn of the pedal. By the time we got to the dam (about 5.5miles) I had stopped to take albuterol, was coughing mucus around and had the albuterol jitters. Not good when trying to focus on each climb and curve on a well traveled road!Took another hit of Albuterol as I sat on the bank of the reservoir. Ate a snack. I was feeling ok after a bit and ready to head back. By then, the jitters were mostly gone and my lungs were open enough to take the "longer" route home. Managed the long, slow undulations at a blistering pace. Quite the paradox to the way things started.Now I'm actually considering adding some flat miles on the way home!

  • Jen

    Shea – sounds pretty relaxing!

    Kathy – I hope you got in some flat miles.

    Did anyone cook out/barbecue yesterday?

  • K8sMom2002

    I did … and had a devil of a time with my grill! My DH prefers charcoal to gas, but he hates to grill, so that leaves the grilling to me — with charcoal.

    Usually I have no problem lighting the grill. I don't use lighter fluid because of the fumes. I've had excellent luck with a chimney starter and newspaper with my charcoal. But apparently my charcoal, a leftover half bag, had gotten damp or something — I seem to dimly recall having trouble another time I used this bag. 

    I wound up with a LOT of smoke and not a lot fire at first. I was thinking that it would NOT be something I was going to conquer, because smoke and I usually don't get along. One reason I like the chimney starter is because it DOESN'T create a lot of smoke, and then I can spread out the coals, close the lid and go back inside to wait for them to achieve the perfect grilling temp.

     Still, I hung in there and wound up with a great big bowl of pulled pork and homemade barbecue sauce — a Georgia-ized version of North Carolina barbecue sauce.

    The afternoon AND evening were spent in a death battle with a bolt and a nut on my back bathroom toilet. The toilet had been leaking around the gasket of one of the bolts that held the the tank on. The first bolt (of course) came off super easy. The second one? I finally triumphed over it about four hours later with a hacksaw blade. 

    And then wouldn't you know it? This AM I found that we had worsened a crack in the tank, so I STILL have a small leak. I can fix it, but it is frustrating!