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Howdy all, 

i just discovered spiriva has a savings program card. Even if you have insurance, you can sign up for a card and it will give you a discount on your monthly prescription. I asked my pharmacist today and he said it’s super simple. Just sign up and bring in a picture or print out of the savings card!

also spiriva has a respi points program. If you log in to show that you are taking your med and upload a picture of your rx, you can earn amazon gift cards! First amazon card is at 1000 points and I’m already at 600. 😊

i was going to look up my other asthma medicines and see if there are similar programs. Gotta love stretching our dollars and getting rewarded for what we have to take anyway! 

best, em


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  • Emelina

    Cool! Advair has a savings program too to drop copays to $10/fill! Program expires 12/2019. 

    Symbicort has a program as well, up to $100 of your monthly prescription for 12 months!

  • K8sMom2002

    Em, so glad you found ways to save money!

    You can find more information on discount programs and other assistance at .

  • LK

    Great savings plans!  I am on the one for Breo Ellipta and it is only $10/month. 

  • Emelina

    Here’s another resource: GoodRx. It is an app on your phone, no membership fees. Even though I have health insurance through work, sometimes these prices are lower than my tier 2 copay! 

  • K8sMom2002

    Love the way that Good RX shows you various prices close to you. Thanks for sharing the very big differences!

    Could you check out other similar programs? AAFA has several listed on its .

    And some pharmacies have discount programs you can join either for free or for a small fee that can save you additional dollars. 

    One small word of warning on discount programs: some of these will mean that whatever you spend doesn't go toward your deductible or out of pocket max. But the flip side of that is that sometimes you can better manage cash flow. 

  • Emelina

    Thanks Cynthia, I’ll check out the AAFA page too. Crazy, I just picked up spiriva today for $0. The program picked up my $35 copay!

    Every little bit helps; just started getting all of my bills for echo, pft, ct, allergy testing. Yikes chronic illnesses are expensive! 

  • Emelina

    Cool! Got my first gift card from Boehringer for just logging that I’m taking spiriva daily and uploading my prescription picture! It’s pretty cool, the rewards cards include iTunes, Barnes and noble, amazon and more! $10, not too bad for only having to click! 😃

  • K8sMom2002

    That IS cool, Em … and it helps you keep track of taking your meds, too! A previous insurance plan that I had allowed me to earn gift cards for taking part in an asthma management program and a nutrition program — basically a nurse would call me every month to check on me, and I got to talk with a dietitian. It was cool and very instructive — plus I got the gift cards.

    You might want to check to see if your insurance has something like that.

  • Emelina

    Sweet! Thanks for the ideas Cynthia. I was just thinking maybe a nutritionist could help to avoid pred weight gain and maybe even help me develop a weight loss program. The asthma management program could be great too … so many things to think about and manage. I’m still struggling a bit to remember to take everything. 😬

  • Emelina

    Just wanted to let you guys know I tried the advair savings card today and works! Amazing! $10 for 1 month of advair. Someone pinch me! 

    Also this is nifty: The spiriva program can help you track your medication compliance and reminds you of refills. Seems like a win win!

  • Pljohns

    Another good source-do a google search on medicine name savings card.  If the manufacturers have a savings card for the meds, it will come up-it's ususally the drug name .com  I get Qvar for $17/month instead of the $60 from the insurance-we have 4-5 savings cards that we use between DH and I

  • Emelina

    Quick tip for anyone on gerd meds, I was prescribed lansoprazole but insurance doesn’t cover it, so it was going to be $180/month. The pharmacy tech suggested buying it OTC. But even that was $20 for 1 week. So I looked on good rx and found it for $13 for 30 days! I asked my pharmacist if this was too good to be true and he said no! So he transferred my rx and I’m going to go pick it up. 😍 

  • Emelina

    Something that made me smile, If things go well over the next 2 months, my pulmonologist is going to let me switch from advair to symbicort. Using the online manufacturer’s coupon, I picked up 3 months of symbicort for $0.