Medication regimens and supplements

Hi all, was just wondering if you’d be willing to share your current regimen, tips and tricks you’ve learned and any supplements that you’ve tried? Here’s my experience: 

Current regimen: Advair HFA 230/21 2 puffs twice/day, spiriva 5 daily, prednisone 15 daily, azithromycin MWF. Lansoprazole 15mg twice/day for GERD. Cetirizine, Flonase for allergies.

Supplements: vitamin D 2000 iu daily (pulmo said it couldn’t hurt while tapering off pred).


If having poor control on advair diskus, ask to try HFA. Sometimes HFA is easier for people to take and better at getting to distal airways (most of the dpi ended up on my tongue!)

if having nightmares on singulair, you can try taking in the AM. 

Advair and spiriva have amazing manufacturer savings cards. Spiriva is 0/month and advair is 10/month using the savings card and my insurance.



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  • Pljohns

    Mine is pretty simple

    Brovana inhalation solution twice daily, QVAR 8mcg 2 puffs twice daily-up to 3 times with if having issues.  800mg Vit D to help with calcium absorption for osteopenia, 1200 mg calcium, 10mg famotadine for GERD and toss in meds for a tumor on my pituitary glad (benign thankfully but still in operable).

    If I’m having problems, levabuterol neb every 3-4 hours as needed, add budesonide every 6 as needed and ipatropium every 8 as needed-all by neb.  The last resort is pred taper starting at 80 mg-UGH

  • Emelina

    Thanks Lynn. That’s a cool strategy to up the qvar or nebulized budesonide. Ah, that’s good that you’re on both calcium/vitamin D for protecting the bones. I should ask my doc about adding some calcium (or ice cream!).

    another question: does anyone take magnesium? A doc mentioned trying 400-800mg/day to help with cramps and to help with bronchospasm. Was just wondering if anyone’s noticed a difference?

  • LK

    Mine is –

    Daily - 

    AM  – Pantoprazole 40mg for GERD; Claritin if needed; Spiriva Respimat 1.25mcg two puffs; Breo Ellipta 200/25 one puff; Vitamin B complex – one pill; Vitamin D 2,000 iu

    PM  – Montelukast ( Singular) 10mg; Pepcid AC 20mg for GERD


    Every two weeks – Dupixent injection 300mg

    As needed – ProAir albuterol rescue inhaler – two puffs as needed every four hours; Nebulized albuterol sulfate 0.083%/2.5mg/3ml every four hours as needed


    I keep my pills in a pill organizer and my other daily meds next to the pill organizer on the counter.  The pill organizer really helps me keep track of which ones I have taken.  I put them on the kitchen table in the morning and as I take them I put them back on the counter as I take them.  Also have each medicine on a reminder on my phone and (usually) mark them off as I take each one.

  • Emelina

    Thanks Lisa, I like the strategy of the pill organizer and physically moving the bottles to keep track. I think I’m going to have to upgrade to a bigger AM/PM box to help keep track. I try to think I can keep it all in my head but not with this regimen (almost forgot azithro this morning). 😬

    can I ask about your reflux regimen; did your doctor mention how long you’d be on that? Indefinitely or could they be tapered in the future? I just started an 8 week lansoprazole trial (and it seems to be helping!) but wonder what happens after 8 weeks? I’m hoping I can work on weight loss and diet changes (sad, I love spice, and live on caffeine at work). 

    Thanks all!

  • LK

    Em, Here is the pill organizer I use.  Some kind folks on these forums mentioned it.  It works well for me.


    I am on the reflux meds for the foreseeable future.  Was on a short course of another one, don't remember which at the moment, but the reflux came back after I was off it so am on these now.  Was just on the Pantoprazole for a long time and it was helping a little but when I saw the ENT last summer he noticed my vocal chords looked like I was still having some reflux so he added the Pepcid AC in the evening and it has helped immensely.  Still have some reflux if I eat spicy foods or large meals or late in the evening meals so try my best to avoid those things.  

    I like your idea of just adding ice cream for calcium!!      

  • Emelina

    Hi Lisa, 

    awesome! That’s the coolest box I’ve ever seen, and it’s on amazon 😀!! Bwahahaha. I’ve been using the little flip open box. I like this so much more. 

    Ah, thanks for letting me know about your gerd management strategy. It’s interesting that different providers do different things in terms of duration. I was reading up to 70-80% of patients with asthma have reflux! I think this just means we should have been born 🦒. I think we should lobby for 31flavors  to be added to the food pyramid … right after chocolate 

  • LK

    Hi Em,  Thought you would notice it was on Amazon!     Not that I've been there much myself!     Yep, I have read that, too, about how asthma and reflux can aggravate each other.  So, lets' see, instead of a single food pyramid, I think we need a whole mountain range for the 31 Flavors and the chocolate!!    

  • Breatheeasy

    I am on Singulair and Gerd meds – prontoprazole or rabeprazole as needed. LevAlbuterol for emergencies and budesonide400 for 3 days if I use levalbuterol. I asked the doc to give me a low dose budesonide for daily use but he thinks this is better. Prednisolone for a week or until the flare up calms down when there’s an exaceberation.

    I am on Allegra as needed but do better if I take it everyday. I am beginning to wonder if Its allergy to the inhalers that’s causing tightness when I take them and maybe Allegra is helping with that. I got to discuss that with the doc next appointment. And Flonase and azelastine nasal spray for emergencies. 

    Multivitamins. No calcium for now. I also need to get calcium. 

    I did use magnesium but that was before asthma for menstrual cramps. It eased the cramps so it might work for broncospasms. Maybe that something I should consider adding to the regimen too.


  • Melissa G

    For Rebekah, I had to sit down and put her on a very strict medication schedule due to the number of medications she takes and her slow motility. 

    I found it easier to designate a certain time to take medication. The more the medication, it became more than just taking it in the morning, it was assigned a time, like 8 am. In order to accomplish this, I set alarms on my cell phone. Before long, I didn't need the alarms. 

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Bevespi maintenance inhaler after waking. Budesonide .5 in nebulizer  two hours later. Right now.. Prednisone 7.5 mg tablet. A few hours later, one women's 50+ daily multivitamin. Once per month, prescription vitamin D2 50,000 IU cap. Late afternoon- Bevespi maintenance inhaler. One hour later- Montelukast 10 mg. tablet. Before bed- Budesonide .5 in nebulizer. Any inhalers I use are 2 puffs. I can use rescue medication as a preventative, if necessary. I keep a daily list of meds. I cross each med off as I use it. 

  • Shea

    I take prednisone 20 mg/day for the churg-strauss syndrome inflammation that can spread throughout my body in tissues, organs, and blood vessels.

    Yet I still have asthma symptoms so I use inhalers two times a day every day: Flovent HFA 220mcg is the only inhaled steroid I have been able to tolerate (and I have tried  all the onhaled steeouds in all their forms but have various raages or heart palpatations etc). Before I found Flovent I nebulized budesonide. 

    I also use the inhaler Combivent Respimat. Prior to that I used its active ingredients in nebulizer (which are ipatroprium bromide and albuterol). I still have the nebulizer solutions and use nebs now as needed only. 

    I did develop GERD/acid reflux and even symptoms of ulcers (especially when my heart doctor started me on aspirin but I do much better off aspirin). I used to take ranitidine but it easnt strong enough– I still had frequent bad heartburn– so I started Protonix (pantoprazole) 40mg and take it every night. Now I di much better. I still watch what I eat too.

    I have difficulty sleeping and muscle tightness with prednisone so my primary doctor (who used to take prednisone regularly herself for crohns disease) suggested tizanidine (a mild muscle relaxer) and that helps– I take 8mg a night. It definitely causes drowsiness so dont try to drive or do anything on it besides sleep. I also take 50 mg benadryl every night. I dont really like/di well with any other antihistamines. 

    Sometimes I take a supplement that has calcium, magnesium, and vit d in it. I heard it us good to take a high quality combo pill because there is a balance your body needs for optimal absorption and to keep your blood chemistry right. I have had high calcium before and mu doctor told me to stop taking it so now I think I get enough in my diet by my doc monitors it. Sometimes I have low iron and add an iron supplement. I do have osteopenia.

    I take amyldopine for my heart– it is one of the few heart meds that dont interact badly with my asthma symptoms. But my heart still has damage and I habe to be careful because I get cgest pains snd can oly tolerate certain activities due to blood flow issues and poor ejection fraction.

    And I use beetroot powder superfood to give me extra vit c and boost my energy in the afternoons. 

    And I drink coffee in the mornings–it helps open me up and helps my breathing (along with energy.. I struggle with fatigue a lot). 

    Supplements I look into to help with adrenal fatigue and cortisol during weaning to try and help my body out with the adjustment  are

    DHEA supplement


    And adrenal extract supplement