Medical alert tags. Using my information on your cell phone.

I have allergic asthma to animals. I also have been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilitis. AS is an autoimmune disease which causes inflammation and arthritis in the spine and big joints. So with everything I've been having to add on my cell phone I discovered (didn't know never opens this up) under contacts at the top is my info. You can add a picture of yourself and also add medical information.

Besides informing  co-workers employees of health issues do any of you use that option on your phone? Do you have medical alert tags bracelets etc?


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  • Melissa G

    My dh, Josh and Bekah all have medic alert bracelets. My dh has asthma and is diabetic. Josh has asthma and food allergies and well Bekah just has a host of things going on. 

    I really like medic alert because paramedics/emt's are trained to look for it and it is 24/7 service. I can update the online information at home so all of the info is kept up to date. 

  • Shea

    I have a medical alert bracelet. They do not have a lot of space to write in stuff, (and I have lots of allergies and a rare immune disease)… I think its important that they know I have allergies, asthma and carry meds for them and that I have been on prednisone long-term (my body may need emergency prednisone to cope with any injury or crises) so I had engraved "Epipen, Inhaler, Steroid Dependent" and then of course if they call the number on the bracelet they will get much more info on my condition, while they are looking through my backpack purse hopefully which is marked on the outside with an allergy bracelet as well for epipen, inhaler, and prednisone that I carry with me. I fid this after a car nearly crashed into my rear end abd swerved and I thought OMG what if theyd hit me– EMergency Personnel people would need to know Id need prednisone immediately, and itd be good for them to know about my conditions, so I better have something on my body… To help for any emergency. 

    I have my sons allergy bag marked as well.. He wont wear hus bracelet so I tagged the bag that goes everywhere with him, and I let people know right away about his allergies… plus he knows now too not to take food when offered without ensuring it is free of his allergens by a grown-up.

    And the bracelets came with medic alert refrigerator magnets too, which I like snd kerp on our fridge.  I also put my emergency contacts on the fridge and a copy of a babysitters drop-off form of Tommy's Allergy Action Plan, as well as brief info about my health conditions and allergies. I figured if I had an incident at the house, all my emergency info would be very visual and those who know me could access it easily if they needed to give info. 

    I also put the info into my phone aling with EMergency contacts in ICE.

  • LK

    I have the RoadID medical alert bracelet.  I used to use the version where the medical information was on the bracelet itself but now that I am on more meds and carry an Epi-Pen in addition to my rescue inhaler I use the version which has my medical information online and only my name, my DH's contact information, and the 800-number * website for emergency personnel, whether EMTs or hospital, to contact RoadID.  Same as Melissa said, I can update my medical info online.


  • Pljohns

    I have the myid medical alert bracelet-I got tired of the silicone so I started getting engraved ones and putting the myid info on the engraved ones-my ID number and PIN and the 800 for them to call as well as "severe asthma and medicine allergies".  the myid is like the roadID in that you can enter all of your info on line and they maintain it forever free of charge (there is a premium account you can buy but I don't know what all it includes).  I got way to much to put on a bracelet in the way of medicine I can't take so it works for me.  I never take it off.  I made some beaded bracelets to change the tag itself out on but I always have one one.

  • K8sMom2002

    DD has the Medic Alert bracelet as well. When she was little, we used Lauren's Hope because you could get interchangeable bracelets to swap out for the tag, but I always made sure that the tag was the standard one with the big red cross on it. But somewhere along the way, we also got a Medic Alert bracelet, and she has come to like the plain Jane no-fuss bracelet.

    We also use the emergency health form on our iPhones. Another option that we've done in the past is to do a cheat sheet of meds and conditions and wrap it around either a driver's license or insurance card — we KNOW that emergency personnel will be looking there.

    There have been times when DD couldn't wear a bracelet. For instance, during the times she's cheering, the state sports association bans any kind of jewelry, and we couldn't swing an exception. So on those occasions, we use a temporary tattoo about the size of a quarter that I created and printed out. She puts it on the inside of her wrist, where EMTs would usually check for a pulse.

    I don't have a bracelet … but I need to get one!

  • LK

    Cynthia,  I continue to learn so much from you!!  Wrapping important information around a driver's license or insurance card, putting a temporary tattoo on the inside of her wrist are such great and inventive ideas!  Thank you!  

  • Pljohns

    Cynthia-you get the innovative Mom of the year award!  Who else would think of a tattoo on her wrist-that is genius-