Masks/Bronchitis/Recommendations/Your Experiences?

Hi all,

Context: First bout of bronchitis after developing asthma (not sure of the exact asthma variant yet but I've only had clear symptoms since April/May and here I am on prednisone). 

Just put on a surgical mask to deal with some powder this morning (the dog's meds) and it's made a *huge* difference in my coughing level, both frequency and intensity.  Wow.  I'm also going to go down and change the filters in the central air/furnace, which are due.

Does anyone have a favorite mask, particularly to wear with glasses? Does anyone ever sleep in one? 

Short of living in a warm, humid tent, how do you help keep coughing under control with illness?

Any thoughts or experiences are appreciated!


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  • K8sMom2002

    Hi, StephM — hugs on having bronchitis and hope you feel better soon!

    Lots of the community members here use masks at least part of the time. Many of them have favorite brands … I'll link below to some older threads where people were talking about masks.

      Breathing in colder, dryer air can sometimes trigger an asthma attack. Lots of folks wear a scarf or mask when they're outside in the winter. 

      I find that any sudden change in air temp or humidity level has been a trigger in the past for me.

    • Deborah Bartlett

      Hello! I have severe persistent asthma and COPD. I wear an RZ mask when I go out in public. It helps to filter the fragrance, dust particles, and germs. I love it! I wear it in my house at times because the highway is behind my property. The exhaust is horrible! I sometimes wear a disposable paper mask if I am working outside. Also, while cutting the grass. 

    • StephM

      Thank you for the links, Cynthia.  I had found one discussion that was old enough I wasn't sure I trusted the brands, but those were newer.  I am on the mend. I canceled almost everything again for today. Even skipped returning my overdue library book.

      Deborah, that photo was really helpful.  It's tough ordering these things online when you know you have to use them with another device.  The defogger treatment on my lenses isn't really that powerful.

      I ordered two and am planning to throw on a surgical mask again tomorrow!  One cotton, one neoprene (Muryboo -spelling is off with a cute pattern– and the RZ).  Amazon has some prime day pricing on off-brands, too, if anyone wants a back-up to tuck in a car or somewhere.

      Yes, I used to consistently wear balaclava/scarf combos when biking in cold weather.  I suspect I'll need these to walk the dogs in the cold this winter, and perhaps they'll help me catch up on yardwork.  Super helpful suggestions!

    • Kathy P

      I have tried several types of masks. My favorite is the Vogmask. I've also tried Muryobao and Cambridge.

      • Vog fits the best for me – it really is individual and you have to try different brands.
      • Cambridge has wider ear loop straps that are more challenging with my glasses and small ears
      • I like that the Muryobao has replaceable filters, but it can be harder to breathe out of even though it does have the one-way valve. The replaceable filter is between your face and the valve, unlike the others that have the valve unimpeded.

      I wear glasses as well and sometimes have issues with fogging. But usually, I can get the metal nosepiece adjusted well enough to minimize fogging. This is me wearing a Vogmask.

    • Amber Says Shine

      This just reminds me that I really need to get a mask.  I have used disposable N95 masks in the past, but I like the idea of having a reusable one.  In 2018, we had tons of wildfires here in Cali, which was the first time I ever needed a mask. I want to get one of these for the triple-digit heat days and for if (when?) we have more wildfires. Thanks for all the recommendations and pics.

    • Deborah Bartlett

      Hi Amber! 👋 I think you will really benefit from having a mask! I am so glad that I wear mine. It helps me all the time!

    • StephM

      Amber, this is the side of the muryobao.  It fits notably better without glasses. one or the other is off on my ears, making the position a little uncomfortable.