mask advise/feedback

For those of us that wear masks, I would really appreciate some feedback on how you like the one you use and which one it is.  I have an RZ that works wonders on smells but you put it on with Velcro at the back of your neck-not exactly the easiest thing to take on and off when you want to just get a drink of something.  Mine is about 3 years old and in need of replacing (I haven't worn it that much) but I will be traveling the end of the month and would like to take one with me in case I end up on a plane with someones perfume!  

I have a second mask that is nothing but cotton with a carbon filter in it that I used last year during flu season but it doesn't do much for smells.


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  • Brenda Silvia-Torma

    I love the vog mask, but was surprised that I can still smell scents through it…The vog mask has an adapter that allows you to have the mask hang around your neck…connects ear loops. Could you use that on your RZ mask? It has snaps so it's completely adaptable.

  • Nakiba

    I also use this mask. My only complaint is that it’s so hot after about 30 minutes. 

  • LK

    I've tried the Vogmasks, RZMasks, Cambridge Masks and I'm pretty sure the cotton one you mention. 

    In cold weather the Vogmask is great but the ear loops can be a bit hard on the ears.  I use the strap that Brenda mentions and it does help.

    The RZMasks that I have tried are the regular one-strap mesh one and the dual-strap mesh one.  For me, the regular strap wouldn't stay in place and that would make my mask shift so it didn't cover my face well.  The dual-strap mesh one stays in place very well for me and it is the absolute best at keeping smells out.  It won't probably won't work for me in colder weather since it has such good air flow that the air doesn't warm up much at all.  It has great air flow so when I am cleaning house or some other activity, I don't start feeling "trapped" in my mask.

    The Cambridge mask also is good in cold weather, but it too, can get very warm to wear in warmer weather.  I have used the Vogmask strap on this mask and it help, too.

    The best one for me to keep scents out is the RZMask mesh mask with dual-straps with the F3 filter.

    Lynn,  Do you have the RZMask with the neoprene or the mesh?

  • Pljohns

    My RZ is neoprene-no neoprene smell though-but it looks a bit intimidating if I have to wear it in public-people tend to freak out and move away from me-which isn’t a bad thing either.  It needs to be replaced and I just wasn’t sure which one everyone else had experience with that was a good one