Lighter side of asthma?

It has been a long week, so I thought I’d poke fun at my lungs: 

My lungs have become ultra sensitive to weather changes. It’s weird but now I can feel chest heaviness and more tightness before major rains or thunderstorms. It’s like being a human barometer!

I just got back from Denver where it was sunny and 85. I woke up this morning and felt that familiar heaviness and thought ok, it’s going to be stormy and muggy AND hot. I rolled out of bed, put on shorts and a t shirt and drove to speech therapy. The car is parked in the garage and it didn’t feel too cold.

I should have checked the rain/t storm AND temperature forecast! When I got out of the car it was in the 50s and freezing! Lesson learned: don’t trust the lungs to predict the temp or best wardrobe!

My asthma is definitely no professional weatherman! 


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  • LK

    Oh, Em!  Life keeps us humble, doesn't it!    Sorry your lungs had the forecast wrong today!

  • Shea

    Poor Em! Maybe "lung-whispering" gets better with practice– that is what Id call one's ability to interpret the lungs. Kinda like how new mom's can start identifying which baby cry means what…. You could identify which breathing sounds/feelings mean what. AND… Maybe the lungs will get better at communicating it too… Like a hungry baby learning to say "ba ba". You'll be watching TV with your fam, channel-surfing– and all of a sudden you hear yourself wheeze, and youll be like "turn Tellitubbies back on– my lungs were watching that!!!"

    My lungs are definitely big babies! 

  • Emelina

    Thanks Lisa, yep! Definitely not good weathermen! They figured out that the forecast changed to sunny … so woke up feeling good, then I offended them somehow and they are howling! 🙄 grumpy lung twins. Just get it together! It’s like karate kid, wax on, wax off … air in, air out, repeat! 

    Lol Shea, you made me laugh with the lungs watching teletubbies! Hopefully soon I’ll get to be a better lung whisperer. Mine are definitely big babies. They cry all the time and throw tantrums and I can’t figure them out … if only they could use their words! 🤣

  • Emelina

    I had an attack once during a date night with dh. I keep my rescue inhaler in an old sock to keep dirt and purse gunk off of it. I was digging frantically through my purse for it then found it and pulled the sock out victoriously. My dh looked at me with one eyebrow up and said … somehow I don’t think a sock is going to help. 🤣

  • LK

    Oh, Em!!        If I could breathe well enough right now I would be rolling on the floor in hysterics!  That is hilarious!  Bet you weren't laughing at the time though.  I know it would take me years to see the humor in that comment.

  • Pljohns

    Em-that is the funniest thing I've heard in a long time.  I bet he didn't know what to think of you pulling out a sock!  I have found that small makeup bags work great for holding inhalers (when i could use them that is).  Thankfully my handheld neb came with a case about the size of a sunglasses case so I don't have to worry about it getting junk in it.

    My lungs are pretty good indicators of the weather-my last pulmo and I even monkey'd around with adding albuterol nebs when I saw that we were going to have storms to try and head off problems.  It was a royal pain to keep up with so I must admit, I wasn't too diligent about it, but I do remember the times I did them, the weather didn't bother me nearly as bad.

  • Emelina

    Here it is in its inhaler sock glory. Maybe it’s time to look for a real home. Lol. I think I may have taken reduce/reuse too far. The sock was comfy until it got a hole! 

  • LK

    Love your frugal spirit Em!! It may, just may, be time for something different. 😉

  • Emelina

    Hmmm, maybe I can learn to crochet inhaler cozy. I once went to cabelas looking for fly fishing supplies. I was shocked to see an insulated beer cozy that you could clip to a fly fishing jacket. There’s a cozy or holder for everything. 

  • Wheezy Me

    Em, sorry your lungs mislead you with the weather😉 I can often tell, according to how I breathe, what the air is like now but not what it will be later during the day. For that I still need the forecast

    And the sock story is hilarious! Thanks for sharing with us!