Kid Hero Saves Teacher during Asthma Attack

You hear a lot about grownups saving kiddos with asthma, but you don't often hear of stories where it's the other way around! This happened some months ago, but it still has the power to cheer me on …

Teacher Madonna Kenser, of Oak Grove Elementary in Poplar Bluff, suddenly had an asthma attack during class.  Her hero is one of her students, nine-year-old Brendon Garman.

This makes my heart smile!


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  • Emilee R Ashline

    That is awesome. I would do the same thing if I was in a position like that. I've done it with my cousin before. He had an asthma attack and didn't have his rescue inhaler, so without thinking twice, I gave him mine!!!

  • K8sMom2002

    Emilee, good for you having YOUR inhaler along just in case! My DD always remembers her Epi-pen, but I sometimes have to nag her about her inhaler. After this spring's flare, though, she's been really good about making sure she has it with her and it works.

    Does your cousin take his inhaler with him now?