Keeping up with it all

I thought I was doing pretty well keeping up all of the medication refills, only to be "slapped" in the face with a bunch of prior authorizations this year. Since the beginning of January, it has been one thing after another. 

Some things I have learned for next year:

1. Put more things on the calendar of when the prior auth's need to be submitted so nothing is delayed. 

2. start prior auth 30 days before next refill or next shipment is needed

3.. Be very specific in the LMN. I am going to obtain copies of what was sent this year. The ones sent out this year worked quite well.  

4. Create a specific binder just for LMN's and Prior Auth's. 

What things have you learned this year dealing with the insurance company that will help you "battle" things next year?


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  • LK

    Hi Melissa!    

    Good information!  What is LMN stand for?  Thanks!

  • Deborah Bartlett

    I have learned that when a new insurance company will NOT cover a necessary prescription, to ask my doctor right away to call my insurance company to explain the need for the medication. I have had to do this. Never wait til the last minute. You can't just stop your meds and wait and hope it goes through. Also, don't accept the generic substitutions the insurance company expects you to use. Be prepared to battle it out. They try to do this to me every month. GRRR!!

  • Pljohns

    I have copies of all PA's that have been filed to the insurance.  I ask the doctors office to send a signed copy to me-that way when the insurance "didn't get it" I have it and can refax it instead of trying to get hold of the doctors office and have them redo it-save a lot of time.

    I put all of our meds on auto refill-and check them ALL before going to the doctor to make sure we get the script refills we need

  • Deborah Bartlett

    Every day in the afternoon, I make lists. First list is a list of all my meds. It goes in the order I take them. I cross off each med as I take one. I make a list of the things I have to get done around the house. I make a list of what I will make for dinner the next night. I take meat out if the freezer to thaw in the fridge if needed. Then I make a list of what I will put in DHs lunch. I don't do so well early in the morning because of the COPD. Following lists is so much easier for me. If I stick to a plan, I do well. I get my PJs out for bed late in the afternoon. I get my clothes out for the morning the night before. It's all too much in the morning, so it makes it easier for me to have it all ready.