IV Magnesium Sulfate and Severe Asthma

The last two times I have been in the hospital for severe asthma problems I was given IV Magnesium Sulfate in addition to the IV steroids and nebulizer treatments. Has anyone else been given IV Magnesium Sulfate in the hospital? If so, was it helpful for you? Did your doctor recommend you take a Magnesium supplement after you were discharged? So far, my doctor has not recommended that I take a daily supplement. 


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  • K8sMom2002

    I've heard of magnesium sulfate before for treating asthma in a hospital. I believe that @pinkladycha's daughter may have had that medication. And I can't remember whether it was @GigiGibson or @Pljohns that has mentioned magnesium supplements.

    Could you ask your doctor if you should take a supplement?

  • pinkladycha

    My DD has it via IV when she goes to ER it’s the only thing that opened her up as she’s very tight and had diminished movement. It makes her bp dangerously low though so she has to take half the normal dosage for her age at a time. 

  • pinkladycha

    They usually don’t recommend after discharge. I think it’s for immediate help with asthma. Then she usually goes to another steroid taper until a few days after discharge

  • Pljohns

    I've never had it for asthma-had it for migraines a couple of times.  I did take magnesium suppliments but after the pulmo checked my labs, she said I didn't need it so I stopped taking it.  

  • MMKB

    I spoke with my allergist regarding the IV Magnesium Sulfate. It is only used in the hospital for severe asthma problems. She said extra Magnesium supplements should not be taken at home on a daily basis because it can cause heart issues.

  • MMKB

    K8SMOM2002 – My doctor is considering trying Nucala injections instead of my Xolair injections. 

  • Vnes

    Whenever I’m hospitalized they give me the IV Magnesium Sulfate. I’m usually pretty tight and was told that would open my lungs quick.