Itchy chin and neck is a sign of…


One of my early warning signs of an asthma flare is that my chin and neck will get itchy and I'll start scratching it.

It took a long time for me to learn this (a nurse pointed it out to me when I was doing it). I started tracking it and sure enough, it's one of my early warning signs of an asthma attack. Usually, there are other signs if I pay close attention (shallow breathing, fatigue, pale, etc). 

Now it's in my asthma action plan that I use my rescue inhaler if I have my early warning signs. My husband also knows the signs and has – on many occasions – noticed the signs before I did. 

I think we acclimate to asthma and sometimes don't notice when we're "getting bad" until it's too late and in we're in a full blown episode.

Here is a refresher on asthma symptoms, and a sample asthma action plan:

Have you noticed early warning signs for your asthma?


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  • K8sMom2002

    Very interesting, Melanie! I think a lot of us are the proverbial "frog in the hot water" and we don't realize how bad things are until much later.

    I didn't get diagnosed with asthma until I was in my 30s. Up until then, I didn't realize that the fluttery feeling of feathers in my chest was the sign of an upcoming "coughing fit" (which is what I called my asthma attacks for most of my life. The fluttery feeling starts in almost the same spot and radiates out — and it gets progressively worse if I don't do something to stop it.

  • Kathy P

    My tell-tale sign is a constricted, tight throated cough. It took me YEARS to figure it out, but now, as soon as I realize I've got that cough, I reach for my rescue inhaler! it definitely help keep things from escalating into a more severe flare.