Is the flu shot available in your area yet?

Getting the flu shot every year for EVERYONE in my household is ALWAYS on my to-do list. I haven't seen it available yet … but a friend from another state told me that shots were available there.

My doc says getting a flu shot is super important for me because I have asthma. AAFA has a great resource called .

I need to check with my local health department to see if they have it available. 

Where do you get your flu shot? Is it available yet?


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  • Melissa G

    Thanks for the reminder! I need to call the ped's for my kids and check the local grocery store pharmacy for me and dh. 

  • Pljohns

    I always hold until Mid oct as flu shots are only really effective for 6 months.  I get 2 per year-6 months apart but I want the first one to still be effective when the flu season really hits (normally Jan-Feb for us) so late Oct is a good time for me

  • LK

    Our local Target store has a sign up that flu shots are available.

  • K8sMom2002

    My DH was telling me he saw a news article urging parents to make sure they get their kiddos' flu shots sooner rather than later … I still haven't called about flu shots, but I need to. Putting it on my to-do list, and I give each of you full permission to call me out on it! I don't need t o wait on this … I did one year, and a local news story motivated everyone to dash out and get a flu shot, leaving us with a local shortage.

  • dory2005

    DS has a dr appt in late September, so he will get his then. Since he had a reaction to the Tdap vaccine, they want him to come in to the office and monitor him for a while afterwards. 

  • Melissa G

    That is a wise choice dory! For years, we had to go to the allergists office to do Bekah's flu shot. Now we go to the ped's office and then wait 30 min in the waiting room. 

  • LK

    Just called my PCP's office to see if I can just stop by for my flu shot without making an appointment.  The scheduler told me they don't give out flu shots until December!!  I asked why it is to late and she just said that is what they do.  Wow!  I will just have to go to the pharmacy or maybe my pulmo's office, if they do them.

  • Melissa G

    Lisa do any of your local grocery store pharmacies give flu shots? Our safeway does and gives out 10% total grocery bill coupon with each flu shot. 

  • LK

    Melissa, Yes, they do and I figured I would do that if I have to.  I sent my PCP a message through the patient portal about it and his nurse responded that they give flu shots in Oct and my Dr would like me to get mine then so it would last through the flu season.  I sent a reply that I would like to get it in Sept since Sept is a bad month for those of us with asthma.  Also, DH and I are going on a short trip later this month and I would like to get my shot before then.  Waiting to hear back.

    If they still want me to wait until Oct, I will just go to the CVS in our local Target store.  They are giving a $5 Target gift card if you get your flu shot there.  I like to get it at my doctor's if at all possible so they have a record of when I get it.

  • K8sMom2002

    Lisa, does your state have a state vaccination database? Ours does — it's what our kids use when they head for school and college. Most doctors have the ability to pull up your shot record at their office — and any time you're given a shot, at least in Georgia, it has to be included on that database. 

    I noticed that our pharmacy has started announcing reminders about flu shots. Once Florence is past us, I'm going to get ours scheduled.