Interesting Insurance Article in WSJ

Started reading this article about health insurance and was not surprised.  Interesting.



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  • LK

    Oh,  sorry!  I'll see if I can figure it out and repost it!

  • Shea

    I could only read the first paragraph too. I googled trying to find out more– I think what this article is talking about are short-term health care plans that the Republicans are steering people with Obamacare to by dropping the preexisting conditions requirements… But they arent really a good thing to turn to as an insurance policy– people need long-term stable affordable healthcare especially when having existing health conditions– and these short-term policies are less regulated, dont cover a lot of things like pregnancy or even preventative health checks and screens, and of course they are short-term (the max you can renew them is 3 years, then what?)– I just dont trust that but I think short terms should cover preexisting until you get the plan you need like for when you are between jobs and or insurances.