Insect repellents and asthma

I know it's very "buggy" around here in the summer.  If you use insect repellents (or are thinking about using them), there is some good information in our blog post on .

For some people, asthma triggers include aerosol sprays. If an aerosol spray triggers your asthma, try a repellent in a non-aerosol pump. Some personal repellents also come in a lotion. If lotions are difficult to find, you may be able to buy them online.

Do you use insect repellents?  If so, what have you found that is effective, yet doesn't trigger your asthma?



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  • K8sMom2002

    I was glad to find Off in a pump bottle for DD for camp, and even more glad when I was the one using it just before some hiking.

    Aerosols tend to yank my lungs out and stomp them on the ground — okay, it only feels like that.

    My aunt who had severe asthma couldn't even tolerate pump spray repellents. She used to swear by Skin So Soft.

  • Kathy P

    I hate insect repellent! I hate the smell and I hate the feel of it onmy skin!The last time I was doing backcountry camping, I found these BugBandwrist bands and used them.

  • Jen

    We've been thinking about trying some out bc our backyard is so buggy. 

  • Kathy P

    I also do citronella candles at home – since it's outside, I'm notbothered by the scent or any smoke from the candle.