Indoor Concert

I typically would stay away from large crowds especially indoor during the winter but my girls really want to see Pentatonix as part of their Christmas present. And they will be relatively local right before Christmas! 

So I have purchased tickets. The girls are so very excited. 

Besides, using hand sanitizer and touching the least amount of surfaces possible, what are your tips on keeping "healthy" and asthma free during an indoor concert?


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  • K8sMom2002

    Oh, this sounds fabulous! I'm hoping things will go really well for you!

    Are your tickets for particular seats? If there's any way to have them in a less crowded section, that would be good. I especially like aisle seats if possible … could you call the ticket office and explain your family's situation and ask if there are any disability upgrades that they could do? Sometimes it works!

    Washing hands IMMEDIATELY afterwards, even if it's just a liberal "washing" with wet wipes and hand sanitizer, has always helped me. And I make it a point of passing "nothing north of the chin" when I'm in a public place. Whatever is on my hands will end up in me via my eyes, nose or mouth if I touch my face.

  • Melissa G

    They have disability seating, but we can't get three tickets together,if we go that route. We do have three seats at the end of a row so that is good. 

  • Deborah Bartlett

    I have been making it a very important habit to cover my face. I try soooo hard not to touch my face out in public. Wearing masks is a good idea. There are so many sick germs out there now. You can be careful and still have a great time!  I hope you all have the best time ever! 😄

  • Melissa G

    Brenda, that is a great idea! Are the VOG masks really breathable? Bekah cannot handle getting warm at all…..she barely tolerates having the wear a "hospital mask" when I access her port. 

  • Shea

    I struggle with the masks still. I really like the looks of my vog mask, the style really helps with my social anxiety and the elastic ear straps are comfortable and it has a nice fit. But it is warm on me. I have a hard time wearing it for long. I find these masks more breathable:    and they fit me well. I just havent been able to find mine in a while so I might order a new one for myself once I have money again… (I wont hold my breath on that… With the holidays coming up and Tommys birthday around the corner!) Neither of those masks stay on as well as the RZ mask which is my go-to mask for lawn work but seems impossible for me to wear it out in public because it is more intense-looking and I already have a lot of social anxiety so I just havent been able to overcome that. 

  • Melissa G

    Shea, thank you so much for the link! Bekah definitely struggles with being different. I need to call the concert hall and see if they have restrictions on "bags" that are brought in. I don't want a big deal about her "backpack". It contains her feeding tube supplies and her IV supplies.