Immunotherapy Tablets For Dust Mite Allergy Reduce Asthma Risk

NPR did an article about SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy tablets) for house dust mites back in April after a study came out about it … the actual  was really interesting to me, as it showed a possible reduction in asthma attacks along with possibly reduced chances of anaphylactic allergic reactions as compared to allergy shots …

The 693 people who completed the study had asthma that wasn't well controlled by inhaled corticosteroids. Half of the participants took a pill made of dust-mite allergen daily, letting it dissolve under the tongue. The immunotherapy tablet significantly reduced the risk of a moderate or severe asthma attack.



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  • Jen

    I like the idea of no shots.  I think that would make things easier for a lot of people.

  • Katie D

    My DH has a severe dust mite allergy and when it gets really bad his asthma flares.  This is promising, I will have to share with him.  I love the idea of a pill vs a shot, much easier to manage, especially if you are able to take the dose at home.

  • Kathy P

    I need to talk w/ our allergist about these…shots were a disaster for ds. They hurt so bad we just could not continue. I can totally relate bc mine burn in my arms for hours after too.