If you use QVAR, you need to read this about changes coming!

Next week, the QVAR inhaler is  being replaced by the new QVAR Redihaler. It works differently than the existing/old inhaler. 

Differences for the new QVAR Redihaler:

  • No more shaking or priming the inhaler
  • Doesn't need a spacer
  • The puff is triggered by you inhaling
  • It contains lactose (concern for people with milk allergy) From the latest update from Teva, they are saying that it does NOT contain lactose. As always, check with your doctor, healthcare provider or pharmacist.

Be sure to discuss with your doctor, health care provider or pharmacist about any questions or concerns you have.

Additional information: 

Edited to include updated information – CRR – 2/26/2018


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  • Pljohns

    Grand-wonder how much this new one will cost-this is my maintenance steroid.  I have 3 months back stocked at $17 each thanks to a savings card.  maybe they will want to promote the new one so much they will have a savings card for it too.

  • Pljohns

    Well-price jumped from $635./month to $816 and they apparently put a little bit more med in the inhaler but it's just enough that my insurance says it passes the max limit per month just for 1 inhaler so they aren't covering it at all-

  • Pljohns

    I'm just hoping they don't have everything loaded since technically the med isn't out yet. there is only 1 size to select from the drop down so I'm hoping it's just the issue of not fully loaded yet.  At any rate, I've qued up the regular inhaler of it and will get ti filled now.  I have a $15 savings card on it so at least I can get one until the new ones come out.