I do not have allergies, but can I have asthma?

I got my results back and I do not have allergies. I am allergic to nada! Which is good but it also is well bad. I am thinking, then, why do I have asthma? I do not go back to my pulmonary doctor until next week where I will do the PFT test. I am a bit nervous about that test so if someone could explain to me what I will be doing that would be great.

I think I have asthma because well, I have breathing issues. I am wheezing when I am exercising, I am coughing non-stop! I really cannot stand it.  It drives me crazy and makes me super depressed. I am 30 so I really cannot enjoy life like a 30-year old should! I got "asthma" about 6 years ago. It just came and stayed. My primary doctor asked if I ever got tested for asthma and I said no. My previously primary doctor said I had asthma, so I am a little ticked that my older primary doctor never told me to follow up with a pulmonary doctor.  I do not know these things!  My family does not have asthma at all so I am now thinking… it could be something else.

I did the peak flow test (I think that is what it was called) and my number was 60. This test was when you use your mouth to breathe in a device to float a cloud across the screen. The doctor said it is supposed to be 25 and lower. So that is freaking me out. What is the peak test used for? Can it determine if I have asthma? I asked the doctor if I have asthma and he never gave me a response.  I asked again and he did not say yes/no.  Which got me thinking- – hold the phone — could I have something more serious?

I just want to see if anything has experienced this?  I will wheeze for no reason sometimes. I am at my wits end. I never smoked in my life ever, gross. The last time I drank was on my honeymoon and that was a long time ago! I do not do any illegal drugs so I am straightedge. I eat decently and I do exercise when I have the time. When you work full time and have 2 kiddies to take care of you really have no time to yourself. Sure, I throw in simple exercises here and there when we are playing but nothing intense.

**I also want to add that I recently discovered I have a fast heart rate. I am not sure how long this has been going on for but I discovered it a few months ago.  Doctors think it is anxiety-based but I am not sure yet. I am taking medicine to drop my heart rate and it is resting in the 80s (which is still not good) but it was in the 130s without medicine.




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  • K8sMom2002

    You can definitely have non-allergic asthma. You can also have a false negative to an allergy test — although usually negatives on allergy tests are pretty accurate. With food allergy tests, a negative is right 90% of the time.

    And you could be allergic to something that wasn't tested. 

    Finally, it could be something that looks a lot like asthma but isn't. There's a great resource from AAFA called

  • Emelina

    Sounds like you got a lot on your plate. First step i’d Do is get a piece of paper and write down all of these excellent questions. 

    Yes, you can have asthma without allergies. It almost sounds like you might have exercise induced asthma. Basically you have sensitive airways that will constrict during/after exercise – the thought is this is due to excessive water loss from the lining which makes the airways irritable. Cold dry air is the worst. 

    I wouldn’t Get too mad looking in the rear view. Sometimes if asthma is very mild, some will try an empiric trial of asthma medicines to see if things get better without having you see pulmonology. It is odd however that spirometry wasn’t done first to see how well your lungs were working.

    the peak flow test is usually a hand held device where you stand and blow as hard as you can into a meter that spits out a number which reflects how fast you can exhale. I’m not sure what the cloud test was. Another great question to ask your doc about. The peak flow test gives docs a rough gauge of how open your larger airways are. Some people with moderate severe asthma check their peak flows daily as a way to jump in and adjust their meds before a big problem develops.

    id also talk to your doc about that fast heart rate. 130 is very high. You should do a full medication and over the counter medication review with your doc and also ask if more studies should be done, like a thyroid test. You can also self document your symptoms to give your doc more clues … are you sweaty, shaky when your heart is fast, do you have shortness of breath as well, is it worse at certain times of day, associated with medications, etc.

    The most important thing to remember is you are the patient. If you don’t understand, ask. If they aren’t doing enough, feel free to ask for a second opinion! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  • Marie E Natzke

    Sharkbyt3. My Uncle had asthma without allergies. For a long time they diagnosed him with food allergies. Years later they realized it was rheumatoid arthritis that he had and certain food would make him flair. He did have problems with his asthma during weather changes, storms, temp changes. I also know people with work place asthma. The job they had caused them to develop asthma. It's easy to say but stressing yourself will add to breathing problems. Good you are seeing a pulmonologist and you'll get your answers. 

  • sharkbyt3

    Thanks for all the replies. I got tested for thyroid and I am good in that department. Is there anything else I should maybe check? What other allergy test should I ask for? I got the IgE one.

    I am hoping I do not have cancer. )': I am leaning towards thinking that is the route. Should I ask for a CT scan of my lungs?

    Oh I never ever had a sinus infection until last month. I had one prior to that so in 4 months I had 2 of them. Not sure if that is related to asthma?

  • Marie E Natzke

    I really don't know how to reply to your question. None of us here are Doctors. We do share our experiences. Write out all the questions you have for the doctor so they can address your concerns. 

  • Melissa G

    Welcome to the AAFA Forums Sharkbyt3! So glad that you found us! 

    Do you know what you were tested for? There are many  There are several different ways to get an  

    Have you been seen by a pulmonologist yet?

    When you have an accelerated heart rate, what have you been doing? Albuterol can increase your heart rate. Have you made an appt with a cardiologist?

  • sharkbyt3


    I have been seen by a cardiologist and I go there monthly. I am on metoprolol for my heart rate. It stays in the 80s.

    I got tested for IgE blood test. It had stuff like dog, cat, weeds, etc. Is there a skin test?

    I just went to the pulmonologist a few weeks ago and will see him next week to do the PFT test.

    I did have a miscarriage last month and I am just wondering if it is related to all my issues. ):

  • Melissa G

    Did the cardio say why you have a high heart rate? 

    You can have skin testing done. Here are the different ways that you can have  done. 

    I am very sorry to hear that you had a miscarriage. 

  • Emelina

    You have excellent questions, which I think really need to be answered by your doc. One suggestion would be to write down the symptoms that you have with your wheezing, like what were you doing when it started, what time of day, any triggers like stress, fumes, etc. also ask your parents about any family history of lung disease, heart conditions or cancer. Your docs will be interested in that. I can certainly understand about being worried given your recent miscarriage, high heart rate and upcoming pulmonology appointments. Usually cancer presents with other symptoms like losing weight without trying, coughing up blood, etc.

    i think you will be pleasantly surprised and relieved once you see your lung doctor. They can answer lots of these questions like about skin, blood testing, other potential diagnosis and further workup. 

    Keep writing down questions! 

  • Pljohns

    I have no allergies AT ALL-I've been tested for everything the immunologist could come up with-skin and blood tested and everything came back negative and I didn't react to anything on the skin tests.  There is a rare type of asthma that is non-allergic.  Less than 5% of the people with asthma have it and I'm one of the lucky ones.  Makes figuring out triggers REALLY hard because they change all the time and are very rarely the same thing.

    Here's a brief article about it-it is a challenge but over time and with good note taking about when you have problems and what the conditions were at that time, SOME common triggers can be identified.

  • sharkbyt3

    Thanks for replying. Well it may be the case for me as well. I emailed my doctor but the nurse said he will talk to me next week. I am not sure why they offer that service if they will not respond with answers. I am thinking it is not a good sign.

    When were you diagnosed with your non-allergic asthma?